Jesus was hallucinated when Flamengo signed Paulo Sousa

Jorge Jesus’ controversial interview with journalist Renato Maurício Prado, published exclusively on UOL, dropped like a bomb in the football world. If, on the one hand, the coach was highly criticized from an ethical point of view, on the other, Flamengo received the Mister’s words badly. If he was looking to dig a return to the club where he made history and became an idol, Jesus ended up seeing it backfire.

At Live from Danilo and Vitãotransmitted by UOL Esporte every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 pm, journalists Danilo Lavieri, Vitor Guedes and Leo Burlá discussed the side effects of Jorge Jesus’ interview. In Burlá’s opinion, one of the objectives of the Mister interview was to pay back the Flamengo board for the turmoil caused by Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel in Lisbon at the end of last year, when they went to Europe to hire Renato Gaúcho’s replacement.

At the time, Jesus commanded Benfica and lived decisive weeks in office, with classics against Porto and commitments for the Champions League. Days later, according to Burlá, Mister was “hallucinated” when he saw the news of the hiring of compatriot Paulo Sousa.

“The article very clearly reveals Mister’s desire to return, although I’m not so sure that this desire is genuine. All it took was a phone call to Landim, saying, when the technician falls, call me, if you’re considering changing coach, call me, we’ll talk again.”

“He actually came just to mess up, mission accomplished, period, nothing more than that, and in a way to avenge a little bit of the mess that Flamengo caused in Lisbon in December. Jesus was absolutely sure that Flamengo wouldn’t hire any other Portuguese , he was hallucinated when Paulo Sousa was announced as Flamengo’s coach”, opined the Flamengo sectorist.

Although the interview did not have the effect expected by Jesus, Burlá believes that the side effects are not enough to definitively close the doors of Flamengo to Mister, who knows how to work on his relationship with the fan and keep the memory of his victorious passage alive. and history by the club.

“His arrival had already been causing smoke for about a month, the matter was already in the red-black broth, from the moment he steps into Galeão, which already had a lookalike to welcome him. Then it becomes public, he’s at the restaurant , on the beach, in Sapucaí, he in Sapucaí was the celebrity of this Carnival, the guy to be seen, photographed, accompanied.”

“He knows how to play very well with the fans’ feelings, although this time the shot went wrong, he calculated something and the result was not what he imagined, now there may even be a partial rejection of the fans, which left Paulo Sousa in a terrible situation, it even generates a wave of commotion. But the mister’s ghost doesn’t die, the episode shakes but doesn’t end the relationship with Flamengo”, said Burlá.

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