Johnny Depp reps talk about Amber Heard’s ‘acting’

After the controversial first day of strong allegations of Amber Heard about your time with Johnny Deppwhich includes detailed and bizarre abuses, the actors’ legal representatives issued statements amid the ongoing defamation trial.

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On Friday (May 6), the 58-year-old actor and 36-year-old actress’ respective legal teams released statements following Amber’s explosive testimony a day earlier.

“As Depp’s attorney correctly predicted in his opening remarks last month, Ms. Heard really delivered ‘her life performance’ in her direct examination,” a rep for Johnny told People magazine, sniping at the ‘performance’ she gave on the court dais.

“While the stories of Ms. Heard continued to grow with new and convenient details, Mr. Depp have remained exactly the same over the painful six years since his first allegations were made,” they continued. “Its truth – the truth – is the same no matter what setting it is presented in.”

The statement concluded: “The forthcoming interrogation of Mr. Depp will be very revealing and will certainly highlight the many fallacies that Ms. Heard has now tried to pass it off as fact throughout his complicated deposition,” she assures.

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In response, the Aquaman star’s team told People: “As evidenced by the newly released statement, Mr. Depp is falling apart so quickly that his lawyer is turning from prosecutor to stalker. They boast that the story of Mr. Depp hasn’t changed. If so, since he lost the Restriction of Domestic Violence Order and resoundingly lost the UK defamation case, perhaps he should consider a new strategy instead of the recycled approach of attacking the victim and refusing to take charge. responsibility for their own conduct,” the representative continued.

“If Mr. Depp was actually innocent, why did he repeatedly apologize to Mrs. Heard and promised to ward off the ‘monster forever’?” the spokesperson said, adding that one of Amber’s “disappointments” is Johnny’s “inability to distinguish fact from fiction” – an illness that appears to have spread to her legal team. This same team is so panicked that they are fighting tooth and nail to prevent convincing evidence and photos from being presented. No wonder Depp doesn’t have the guts to even look at Ms. Heard through the entire process – as he could not in the UK trial – and instead he scribbles and laughs,” the statement read. “Depp’s behavior at this trial was just as regrettable as it was at his wedding. Apparently, they feel they must double down on their provably losing two-part strategy: distract the jury and demonize the victim.”

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Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard in 2019 over an editorial published in the Washington Post, in which she alluded to allegations she has made against him in the past and said he has become “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

Johnny responded to the article with his $50 million lawsuit, claiming that because of what she wrote, he was ‘cancelled’ and lost all of his Hollywood contracts.

The trial will have a 10-day break, and Amber Heard and Johnny Depp won’t be back on stage until May 16.


Looks like the siege is closing in on Amber Heard at his trial, where Johnny Depp accuses her of defamation and seeks a $50 million damages for calling him a ‘woman abuser’, causing the Hollywood star to lose several jobs.

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With so much evidence and statements against the actress, the actor has managed to divide opinions, and this week in court, Depp hinted that the father of Oonagh Paige Heard, Amber’s young daughter, who was born through surrogacy, is in true billionaire’s daughter Elon Musk.

Johnny released some clues that would prove that the sperm donor could be Tesla’s owner, despite Heard being the child’s only legal guardian in the documents.

In court Johnny Depp managed to prove that Amber was unfaithful to him with the manager [imagens dos dois no elevador do prédio de Johnny Depp foram apresentadas na corte] and that once separated, they both maintained a relationship. And now Depp’s theory that Elon is Oonagh’s father doesn’t seem all that weird.

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According to the newspaper “The Mirror” one of the fights between Elon Musk and Amber Heard when they broke up, it was precisely because of the embryos that they would have made while they were still together. The publication reveals that Musk wanted to sue Amber to force her to destroy the embryos. For Depp, Oonagh is proof that Amber didn’t.

Johnny Depp also testified in court this week about his friendship with actor Paul Bettany and he spoke about how his ex-wife, Amber Heard, felt about the actor. The 58-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” star said Paul and Amber didn’t get along. During his testimony, Johnny shared a story about what would have happened when Paul, married to actress Jennifer Connelly, and his family joined him and Amber on a private island.

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“Mrs. Heard hated Mr. Bettany mostly because we were good friends, and to her, he was a threat and would take me away from her. Regardless of whether Paul Bettany was getting my attention, it caused all sorts of unpleasant situations. When we were on the island with Mr. Bettany and his wife, and their four children as well, Mrs. Heard and Mr. Bettany started to argue over lunch. I remember that whenever Mr. Bettany would try to say something, she would talk more than he would and become rude,” said Depp.

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Johnny continued: “She was mean and screaming, and so I think his 18-year-old son wanted to leave… He got into the conversation because it had something to do with the school he went to and he knew about it. He gave his opinion and Mrs. Heard slowed the young man down to the point where he started crying and walked away from her. And that’s when I talked to her and said, ‘This is unacceptable, this behavior is unacceptable, you have no right to do this to that boy, you can’t always be right, you should try to be wrong sometimes, because I could learn something,’” Johnny said, adding that it was at that moment that he understood that it was best for them to get off the island.

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