Marmaduke – Film Scenes – Review

  • Gender: Animation
  • Direction: Mark AZ Dippé, Youngki Lee, Phil Nibbelink, Matt Philip Whelan
  • Road map: Byron Kavanagh
  • Duration: 88 minutes

Almost exactly 1 year ago, Netflix made available on its platform one of those immense unexpected successes, due to the modesty of the project and its imagined reach. Trouble it was an animation that seems to have found the right place at the right time, in a pandemic situation still high, vaccination starting to expand in Brazil, the film was a hit for weeks and reached families (ok, children especially) with its charisma. The same is expected with marmaduke, which debuts today and doesn’t have much to offer that wasn’t made last year by its canine cousin. Here, too, we have a small project, which aims to reach children who are eager for novelties and who do not give a truce to Angel’s face, Chiquititas and The Adventures of Polianauninterrupted successes there.

The character from newspaper strips in the 50s, was immensely successful in his original adventures signed by Brad Anderson. 12 years ago, a live action production starring Owen Wilson (always him…) was released without much fanfare. This new version is signed by Mark Dippé, a figure who has a successful passage through numerous special effects teams of hits of the caliber of Terminator 2, ghost, The Secret of the Abyss and recently Shallow waters, and who made his directorial debut with a huge failure, the adaptation of the HQ ‘Spawn’. Perhaps this prevented him from having any second chances in features other than animated ones, and he went on to direct dubious animations, such as Garfield features – not the movies produced by Fox.

One Cool Animation/Andrews McMeel Entertainment/Legacy Classics

So, this marmaduke new for him is far from modesty; being on the largest streaming platform in the world with a production that will be practically guaranteed success is a way to dream again. As it is produced with a main focus on young children, what the film fails to achieve as an aesthetic achievement will not be a problem in question since its audience is connected to the color of the images and the non-stop action, in addition to the familiar and universal values ​​passed on here. For all that, the film lends itself – it will hold children in front of the TV (perhaps several times even), and provides parents with the chance to discuss healthy lessons with the little ones on how to live in a family, protect their own and give new ones. chances when we make a mistake. That spot is guaranteed and Netflix can breathe a sigh of relief to mark them.

Support Scenes

The analysis in question needs to be done, however. And this new film, as already suggested, doesn’t deliver much to those who demand the least. In a world where… ok, I won’t even mention Disney or Pixar, but Netflix itself banked something like On the way to the moonSony produces something like The Mitchell Family and the Revolt of the Machineswhere Denmark bequeaths us Flee, it is complex to accept such simplicity, to be friendly and restrained. With very rudimentary features, the technical animation seen here does not go beyond what would be acceptable, with very old-fashioned “effects”, such as those where not all elements of each frame move. Where cuts are made over the scene, giving the impression of a frame applied over the other. Where there is no subtlety when it comes to completing your plans, and you end up going to a rougher side of finishing – or rather, unfinished.

One Cool Animation, Andrews McMeel Entertainment and Legacy Classics

In the narrative itself, marmaduke faces two different sides: either it is childish, almost didactic, or it goes off the rails and reaches very complex levels of rudeness. One sequence in particular, with very large unfoldings that occupy a large part of the narrative, involving flatulence and a dog’s intestinal disorder, goes beyond the limits of any good taste. Of course, these are comic scenes and the Brazilian public, in general, has a lot of fluency in this area, let’s say, so soon many passages will be very funny for different types of audience. In particular, I had the feeling that the writers of ‘The Nutty Professor 2’, who wrote situations in such extreme bad taste, seemed to serve as a consultant, at certain times.

But we shouldn’t erase marmaduke its qualities, even if circumstantial, in the face of the whole. Its protagonist is truly adorable, although he is no longer explored, but the situations where he needs to transmute his nature. His human family is frighteningly true, including the non-standard bodies of father and mother, especially the female character, closer to a typical American than a Jennifer Aniston. The canine co-stars of the dog show are adorable in their details, that is, it’s not an abject production, where quality goes a long way. It is weak, no doubt, but it will find its place of appreciation among precisely the audience for which it was designed and intended.

A big moment
The confrontation between Marmaduke and Zeus in the international contest

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