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  • Box Pix unavailable? Customers report service issues

THE TechTudo contacted Nubank’s advisory, which sent the following official statement: “We regret the fluctuations identified by a portion of our customers in the Pix service this morning (05/06). as soon as possible.”.

Nubank is down and shows instability in the Pix service — Photo: Felipe Vinha/TechTudo

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Notifications related to the service offered by Nubank are increasing on Downdetector, a platform that monitors the functioning of websites and applications. The failure logs started at 09:51 (Brasília time), reaching a number of 64 notifications minutes later, at 10:36.

A bank customer commented on the following sentence: “There has already been a balance that did not appear, an account that could not pay using the bar code (resolved by QRCode) and now the PIX they sent me does not appear added to the balance (history does not load). time to start looking for another bank.”.

Users report problems with Nubank on Downdetector — Photo: Reproduction/Downdetector

In Google Trends, a Google service that identifies searches performed by users, terms related to Nubank are also growing. The phrase “Nubank” off the air shows a sudden increase in the last hour.

The term “Nubank out of the air” is on the rise on Google Trends — Photo: Reproduction/Eduardo Bartkevihi

Twitter is being used by several customers of the digital bank to report a certain delay in the Pix service and also to confirm that the application is having problems.

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