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Published on 05/06/2022 08:34.

Creuza da Silva told Acorda Cidade that the queue arrived at 6 pm yesterday in search of a knee exam.

Photo: Ed Santos/Acorda Cidade

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Residents of Conjunto Feira X, in Feira de Santana, spent Thursday night (5) on vigil to try to schedule exams at the Family Health Unit I, on Friday morning (6). The scene repeats itself in the first week of each month.

Creuza da Silva told Acorda Cidade that he arrived in line at 6 pm yesterday (4) to undergo a knee exam. According to her, the queue is for marking a quota, then she will go to the Health Department, in order to schedule the exam with the doctor.

Photo: Ed Santos/Acorda Cidade

“If we don’t get there early, we lose. There are 25 chips in the morning and in the afternoon. I’m 65 years old and every time I need to take an exam, I sleep in line. When I don’t have an exam to do, I give shelter in my house to many people who come to schedule the exams, because here there is no water, bathroom and then I welcome them in my house”, he declared.

Resident Josanete, known as Netinha, also joined the queue last night. According to her, she tried to schedule the exam last month and failed.

“I brought here a blanket, coffee, biscuit to spend the night and see if this time I can forward the appointment”, he said.

Patient Maria Célia Rocha, who is undergoing thyroid treatment, was waiting for the second time in line at the health unit. “Last month I came and didn’t get the service”, she lamented.

Photo: Ed Santos/Acorda Cidade

Neide Santos Santiago explained the exams she needs to schedule: “I have an ultrasound of the abdomen and another of the thyroid to schedule. I arrived yesterday and am waiting for the unit to open,” he declared.

Photo: Ed Santos/Acorda Cidade

Acorda Cidade contacted the Municipal Health Department and is awaiting a response.

With information from reporter Ed Santos from Acorda Cidade.

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