Police officers involved in violence against Fortaleza fans are removed from policing activities at Arena Castelão

The Military Police of Ceará (PMCE) reported this Saturday, 7, that professionals involved in a violent action registered at Arena Castelão, last Thursday, 5, are away from any policing activity in sports equipment.

The agency says the case is being investigated. The episode took place in the lower south sector of the Castelão Arena, against Fortaleza fans, during the match against River Plate/ARG, for Libertadores.

“PMCE repudiates actions that tarnish the institutional mission of serving and protecting the population of Ceará. The corporation will rigorously investigate any case of misconduct.

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According to the police officers involved in the case, they were called to deal with an incident involving fans and people who worked in a bar at Arena Castelão, during the football match valid for the 4th round of the Conmebol Libertadores.

To PMCE, the military explained that when responding to the incident, it was necessary to make controlled use of force to contain the tempers and possible aggressions against the agents who were on the scene to assist in the demand. During the event, a fan ended up being arrested for the crime of damage and contempt. In the action, a military police officer was injured and taken to the hospital.

In an interview with Esportes O POVO, people who were in the sector where the images were recorded claim to have had rubber bullets fired at random at the fans, in addition to the use of pepper gas in an environment with children and the elderly.

The president of Fortaleza Esporte Clube, Marcelo Paz, shared a video in which he talks about the situation: “Conducts of some people, it’s not the fans, it’s some punctual people have caused all this uproar. So, the person who goes to the stadium to steal, to steal, to harm the other, to attack the attendant is wrong, and the policeman who has a rude approach, sometimes even cowardly against some people who had no relationship with the turmoil initially caused,” he said.

In a note published this Friday, 6th, Fortaleza says it is already aware of the case and is studying what measures will be adopted to prevent the problem from happening again. “Among which [medidas] sending the internal images to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for consideration through the Nucleus of Sports and Fan Defense (Nudtor), the competent body to hear all parties, evaluate the images and also such conduct. And, from there, start criminally and administratively”, says the note.

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