Prefecture of BH vaccine against flu, measles and Covid in malls this Saturday

Efforts to apply will be carried out in eight malls in the capital, starting at 10 am; immunization against the Influenza virus reached only 30% of the expected public

The low adherence to the flu vaccination campaign in Belo Horizone worries health authorities. Until this Friday (6), only about 30% of the expected public, composed of 1.1 million people, was immunized against the Influenza virus in the city. For this reason, the City Hall of BH will carry out, this Saturday (7), a task force to apply doses in eight malls in the capital (see on here), starting at 10 am.

The campaign is aimed at vaccination against influenza, measles and Covid-19. According to Paulo Roberto Lopes Correia, director of Health Promotion and Epidemiological Surveillance at PBH, adherence to vaccination is low in BH. “When we compare with last year, we had better coverage at that time,” he said.

According to him, this behavior is bad because we are entering the period of respiratory diseases. “People are more crowded, in closed environments. There is the circulation of respiratory viruses, such as the flu”, he said. Therefore, he reminds that if a child or person with comorbidity catches the flu, it can develop more serious forms, need hospitalization and even evolve to death.

“Vaccines are safe, they protect and save lives. The flu is not a banal disease,” he added. The measles vaccination situation is even worse and it does not reach 10% adherence. The campaign started in early April, and will end in June, just like the flu campaign.

The flu

For the flu, according to the city hall, elderly people aged 60 and over are expected; health workers; children from 6 months to 5 years old; pregnant and postpartum women; indigenous peoples and teachers. In addition to people with comorbidities and permanent disabilities; security, rescue and armed forces and truck drivers and urban and long-distance public and road passenger transport workers.

At the time of vaccination, the professional categories summoned must present a document proving the function performed. People with comorbidity and permanent disability must present a report or examination to certify the condition. Postpartum women must present the baby’s birth certificate, pregnant woman’s card or document from the hospital where the birth took place.

To avoid crowds, the elderly can also get vaccinated at drugstores Araujo and Droga Clara, from 8 am to 12 pm. Further information can be consulted at city ​​hall portal.


All publics listed by the Ministry of Health have already been called to receive the measles vaccine, including children from 6 months to 5 years of age and health workers. More information is available at this link.


Vaccination for priority groups and age groups already summoned, including children, whether for the application of the first and second dose, booster and additional, or fourth dose. The criteria and documents required for each audience can be verified in the city ​​hall portal.

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