Retracker? Palmeiras boasts the best attack of the year among Serie A clubs

Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras has become a historic team both for the club and for Brazilian football, but there are still those who dispute the achievements achieved so far, mainly on the grounds that it is a rear-end team. Well, this year this type of criticism is very difficult to score, since Verdão has the best attack of 2022 among Serie A clubs.

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In 29 games played so far, including the Club World Cup, Alviverde scored 61 goals, which gives an average of 2.10 goals per game. Both in absolute numbers and in average, it is the leader of the ranking compared to rivals in the first division Brasileirão, counting all official games since January.

The same occurs when we consider only the games of the 2022 season, excluding the Club World Cup, which was valid for the 2021 season. Therefore, Palmeiras played 27 matches and scored 58 goals, resulting in an average of 2.15 balls in the net per duel, that is, even higher than the numbers with the tournament in the Emirates.

Atlético-MG is closest to Verdão, with 49 goals scored in 24 official games, an average of 2.04 goals per match. In fact, Galo and Alviverde are the only ones that exceed the average of 2 goals per match. Botafogo (1.94), Flamengo (1.92) and Cuiabá (1.92), which come just behind the list, are at 1.9, at a lower level.

If they reach the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil finals, Palmeiras will have 52 more games to play this year. If they keep this average (2.1), which is very unlikely, Abel Ferreira’s team could score approximately 109 more goals. Added to the 61 goals scored so far, we would have 170 goals from Palmeiras in 2022.

The last Serie A team to do so was Santos in 2010, which was marked by the rout under the command of Neymar, Robinho and Ganso. That year, Peixe scored 176 goals in 74 matches, an average of 2.38, which is the highest in recent years in this universe of comparison.

As stated above, Verdão will hardly be able to maintain this average of more than two goals per game, since from now on the games will be decisive and balance should prevail in the vast majority of them. The trend is that the team will easily reach 100 goals in 2022, which has been routine for the club, which could reach the eighth consecutive season with the centenary tally.

Faced with these numbers and what may come ahead, it is difficult to maintain the discourse of a “retranqueiro team”, especially this year, in which the work of Abel Ferreira and his players seems to have taken some steps forward in terms of offensive quality and with room for improvement. It remains to be seen how far this team can go.

Best attacks among Serie A clubs in 2022 (goals)

1) Palmeiras – 61 goals (58 goals without the World Cup)
2) Atlético-MG – 49 goals
3) Flamengo – 48 goals
4) Fortaleza – 47 goals
5) Sao Paulo – 47 goals

Best attacks among Serie A clubs in 2022 (average)

1) Palmeiras – 2.10 goals per game (2.15 goals per game without the World Cup)
2) Atlético-MG – 2.04 goals per game
3) Botafogo – 1.94 goals per game
4) Flamengo – 1.92 goals per game
5) Cuiabá – 1.92 goals per game

Number of goals scored by Palmeiras in recent seasons

2022* – 58 goals (without the 2021 World Cup)
2021 – 117 goals (with 2021 World Cup)
2020 – 120 goals
2019 – 105 goals
2018 – 121 goals
2017 – 111 goals
2016 – 108 goals
2015 – 113 goals

*In progress

Best attacks between Serie A clubs in the last 15 years (goals)

1) Santos (2010) – 176 goals
2) Flamengo (2021) – 156 goals
3) Internacional (2009) – 156 goals
4) Flamengo (2019) – 150 goals
5) Coritiba (2011) – 142 goals

Best attacks between Serie A clubs in the last 15 years (average)

1) Santos (2010) – 2.38 goals per game
2) Cruzeiro (2013) – 2.20 goals per game
3) Flamengo (2021) – 2.08 goals per game
4) Internacional (2009) – 2.05 goals per game
5) Flamengo (2019) – 2.03 goals per game

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