Roger Flores sees classic against Flamengo open: ‘Botafogo goes without responsibility’; ‘It’s not a dead chicken’, says Rizek

THE Botafogo will seek against Flamengo next Sunday, in Brasília, to win the biggest rival again after eight games. Despite the opponent having more time to work and being considered the favorite, Glorioso has every chance of winning in the federal capital, in the opinion of commentator Roger Flores.

– Botafogo is already different from what it was in the State. It’s a more qualified team, but it still needs adjustments, that’s clear. Flamengo is a qualified team, which has had a base for a long time, is also out of adjustment, but is superior to Botafogo at the moment. However, I do not rule out a victory for Botafogo. Of these last eight games there (of the fast), it is the game that Botafogo arrives better and with greater expectations and hopes – said Roger, continuing:

Game against Flamengo can help. Botafogo goes without responsibility. You know you’ll have to manage Flamengo’s momentum, be well adjusted defensively, and then there’s Gustavo Sauer, Victor Sá, Erison, Matheus Nascimento to join… I think it could cause Flamengo a lot of discomfort.

André Rizek, presenter of “Seleção SporTV”, also considered that Botafogo can play hard against the rival and win the classic, which has not happened since 2018.

It is the smallest difference since 2018 between Flamengo and Botafogo, without a doubt. Of course they are at different stages, Botafogo just returned to Serie A, there are many players who are starting their life at the club, the team still doesn’t have a good rapport. And Flamengo has the fragility too, it’s a team that’s been giving soup to bad luck, it’s been letting inferior teams finish like hell, as was Talleres. Of course Flamengo is a favorite, but Botafogo is not a dead chicken, no! – Said Rizk.

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