Russia tests nuclear missiles with EU, threatens to drown Britain

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

The Russian army carried out military exercises where it simulated the firing of nuclear missiles along the border with the European Union (EU). This after state television showed how a nuclear torpedo can “erase” the UK from the map.

Russian military maneuvers in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad in Baltic Seain between Poland and LithuaniaEU member states, consisted of a simulation of “electronic launches” of nuclear-capable Iskander mobile ballistic missile systems, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

In a statement, this Ministry said that Russian forces carried out single and multiple attacks against targets that simulated missile launch zones, airfields, protected infrastructure, military equipment and command posts of a fictitious enemy.

After having carried out the “electronic” shotsthe military carried out a maneuver to change position, in order to avoid “a possible retaliatory attack”, advanced the same Russian body.

The combat units also practiced “operations in conditions of radiation and chemical contamination“, pointed out the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The military exercise involved more than 100 soldiersadded Moscow.

Shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, Russia put its nuclear forces on alert. Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to retaliate sharply against “enemy” countries that may intervene in the conflict on Ukrainian territory.

“Drown” the UK with a nuclear tsunami

In recent days, Russian state television has been addressing the issue of the use of nuclear weapons. Several scenarios have been outlined, including the use of Russian torpedo Poseidon.

In the prime time of Russian state television, Channel One, last Sunday, presenter Dmitry Kiselyov showed how this Underwater drone could ‘drown’ the UK in a radioactive wave that would wipe the country off the map with a nuclear tsunami.

Kiselyov further noted that this attack would be a possibility in case of retaliation for British support for Ukraine.

This Poseidon torpedo is known as “Status-6” or “Kanyon” and is “a very large autonomous nuclear powered torpedo, armed with a nuclear warhead“, as experts explain to Euronews.

It is about 20 meters long and can reach 1000 meters deepwith a range of at least 10,000 kilometers, as these same experts note.

But the capabilities of this weapon that may still be in development are a mistery. Its greatest potential will be its ability to operate at low depths and very quickly under the sea, so it will be very hard to intercept.

Elevated threat from Russia, but also from China

The nuclear threat has been latent since the beginning of the war in ukrainenot least because Putin put Russian nuclear forces on alert.

U.S. Admiral Charles Richard, head of the U.S. Strategic Command that oversees the nuclear arsenal, warned Congress on Wednesday that there is a high risk in nuclear termsnot only for Russia, but also for China.

“The war in Ukraine and China’s nuclear trajectory demonstrate that we have a deterrence and assurance gap based on the limited threat of nuclear use”, warned Richard in an intervention at the Nuclear Weapons Council, within the framework of the US Senate Subcommittee on Strategic Forces of the Armed Forces, as quoted by the website. specializing in defense Defense News.

The world was not facing “a crisis like the invasion of Ukraine by Russia more than 30 years ago“, the admiral added, noting that Putin “simultaneously invaded a sovereign nation while using veiled nuclear threats to prevent US and NATO intervention”.

Meanwhile, the China is “watching the war in Ukraine closely and will probably use nuclear coercion to your advantage in the future”, with the aim of “reunite Taiwan by 2027, if not sooner,” Richard also warned.

THE Chinese defense doubled its nuclear stock over the past two years, according to Richard, who further notes that it has made “significant advances in its air-launched and submarine-launched nuclear-capable missiles.”


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