São Paulo announces renovation of Diego Costa until the end of 2024 | Sao Paulo

São Paulo announced this Saturday the renewal of Diego Costa’s contract. The defender, who had a contract until April 2023, signed a new agreement valid until December 31, 2024.

The agreement took place after training this Saturday, on the eve of the confrontation with Fortaleza, Sunday, for the Brasileirão. President Julio Casares celebrated the decision.

São Paulo announcing the renovation of Diego Costa

São Paulo announcing the renovation of Diego Costa

– In another important work of the football department, we managed to renew the contract of Diego Costa, a talented and very promising young man. In this way, we will have more time with this important value coming from our base categories – said the manager, to the club’s website.

A São Paulo player since he was 15 years old, Diego Costa is now 22 years old and is seen as a player with great technical potential and who can generate important income in the future.

Diego Costa, defender of São Paulo, renewed contract until the end of 2024 — Photo: Rubens Chiri/

Champion of the 2019 São Paulo Cup for Tricolor, he was definitely integrated into the professional squad in 2020. Part of the group that won last year’s Paulistão, the defender has 69 games and three goals for São Paulo.

– We are working hard to value the boys in our base, always based on their merit. The athlete rises, has the opportunity, all our support, and is naturally valued when he reaches a position of importance in the squad, as is the case with Diego Costa at the moment – ​​concluded football director Carlos Belmonte.

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