Series A and B clubs release note repudiating Libra terms and suggest new quota division

A block of 27 clubs from Serie A and B of the Brazilian Championship met this Friday and released a note repudiating the terms established by the Brazilian Football League (Libra), created by Flamengo, the five Paulistas from the First Division, Cruzeiro and Ponte. Black, informs the “GE”.

The clubs in question mainly differ on the division of revenue. The original proposal is 40% shared equally, 30% for performance and 30% for engagement and audience. The suggestion of the block with the most associations is 50% equally, 25% for performance and 25% for engagement.

Fluminense, Athletico-PR, Ceará, Atlético-GO, Avaí, Brusque, Cuiabá, Fortaleza, Operário-PR and Sampaio Corrêa are some of the clubs that have already published the text. The note is not signed.

Check out the full letter:

Most of the soccer clubs that are part of the A and B series of the Brazilian Championship continue in their effort to create the League of Clubs and, with this objective, met this Friday afternoon to discuss the criteria that will guide, on a sustainable and sustainable basis. fair, the balance of forces in the future.

Among the issues discussed, the most relevant was the division of revenues in a way that actually contributes to the improvement of competition, making the current competitive conditions less unequal.

The terms accepted in São Paulo by the other 6 clubs perpetuate the abyss that exists today, by maintaining an equal share of revenues at 40%, while in the most successful championships this percentage can reach 68%, adding all domestic, international and marketing, in the case of the Premier League, for example.

It is not acceptable that there are clubs earning 6 times more than others, while in the best leagues in the world this difference does not exceed 3.5 times.

Another point to be improved is the adoption of premises that do not favor pillars that are difficult to measure, especially with regard to engagement. Such criteria, in the view of most clubs that participated in the meeting, only perpetuate the position of superiority of some over others, not giving the opportunity for greater balance in the championships.

The creation of the League among the 40 clubs will be the opportunity to effectively change Brazilian football and this objective cannot be subordinated to the individual interests of a few, petrified for decades in the superiority of resources. We know that it would not be fair to seek total equality of income, but rather equanimity and better distribution.

Brazilian football will not advance without a consensus among the 40 clubs in the A and B series that the fair distribution of revenues will generate greater opportunities in the dispute.

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