Seven special wines to surprise this Mother’s Day

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A good wine can make a difference at a barbecue, a dinner with delicious pasta or even to pair with late Sunday popcorn. It’s been a long time since enjoying a good wine was no longer associated only with the male universe: according to data from the Brazilian Association of Sommeliers, women are the majority in the wine consumer market, and they already make up 50% of the training course rooms. In the US, women are responsible for 59% of the country’s wine consumption.

Today, the Brazilian wine market is wide, with cost-effective options, different types of grapes and fruits and labels from several countries. For those who want to choose good wines in the comfort of their own home, one option is Evino, the largest wine e-commerce in Latin America that negotiates directly with producers to ensure an unprecedented diversity of labels, each with unique flavors, stories and aromas.

On Mother’s Day, the brand has great opportunities for families who enjoy gastronomy, travel, meetings at home and parties with friends, all accompanied by the best soundtrack and an impeccable selection of wines. Mothers are part of our past, present and future, and, like a good wine, they bring remarkable individualities and personalities that we want to keep with us for life.

If your mother likes a good wine, next Sunday is the perfect opportunity for you to show knowledge about the subject and present her with one (or more!) bottles that can be paired with a cheese board, a red meat dish or a special mass. Take advantage of our selection to inspire and surprise you not only now but at any time of the year.

Marquês Branco Winery

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For mothers who enjoy the freshness of a vinho verde, this option is marked by its fruity and floral aroma, which marries perfectly with fish, seafood, white meats and appetizers.

Inês Rosé AOC Fronton 2018

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A refreshing rosé with a strong flavor, this French wine is made with Négrette and Syrah grapes, with an aroma of blackcurrant and raspberry, great for a dinner of ratatouille, tuna sashimi and bruschetta.

Solear White Muscat

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A good choice for mothers who like sparkling wine and want to try a quality national product, with an aroma of citrus fruits and honey. It’s great with sweets like peach pie, brie cheese with apricot jam, and a seafood option like spaghetti with clams.

Ladac Bordeaux Cellar 2019

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Great choice for mothers who prefer a full-bodied wine, with an aroma of red fruits and spices, perfect for eating with meats, such as entrecôte with wood sauce, hamburgers and a board with provolone cheese.

Cave de Ladac VUE Edition Limitée 2020

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For more adventurous palates, this option mixes different types of grapes with a velvety result and a touch of fresh red fruits. This wine pairs well with dishes such as a roasted termite with potatoes, eggplant pizza and an Emmental cheese appetizer.

Anciano Malbec-Viognier 2020

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Argentinian, this refined and complex wine is perfect for those who like fruity aromas like figs, plums and blackberries. Ideal option for mothers who want something to drink during a barbecue, or with a cheese with a strong flavor like pecorino.

Sanders Port Wine Tawny Reserve

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Strong and striking, this is a wine to be enjoyed slowly: liqueur and aged for 60 months in wood, it is a special, full-bodied drink that works as an accompaniment to a chicken with caramelized onions, almond pie or a churros cake.

Enjoy this selection of unique aromas and flavors from Evino to make your mother’s day even more remarkable.

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