Social assistance entities will be able to raise money with capitalization bonds

Charitable social assistance entities that are certified by the New Framework for Philanthropic Tax Immunity (Complementary Law 187/2021), from now on, are authorized to raise money through capitalization bonds.

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Capitalization titles

With the capitalization bond modality, the consumer pays an amount every month for the formation of capital and participates in sweepstakes. When the previously established period ends, the participant can redeem part or the total of the accumulated or even purchase goods and products.

How will collection through capitalization bonds work?

On Thursday (5), Law 14,332, of 2021, was published in the Federal Official Gazette, which establishes that the purchaser of the capitalization bond may give the right of redemption to certified social assistance charities.

If he does not agree with the donation, the buyer must inform the capitalization company responsible for the bond until the day before the first drawing takes place.

According to the rule, in order to carry out these draws, own means or results of lotteries authorized by the federal government must be used. The results and the winners must be disclosed in the same media used to publicize the products of the fundraising campaign through the titles.

Also according to the new rule, the funds received through fundraising campaigns are used “exclusively in the activities of the social assistance entity, but with the possibility that part of them will be spent on expenses with dissemination and promotion of campaigns”.

The amount used in the security that can be redeemed is updated by the reference rate (TR) plus an interest rate equal to a minimum percentage of 20% of the monthly interest rate applied to the savings account.

Social assistance entities

Social assistance entities carry out non-profit activities and maintain a partnership with the public administration to assist families, individuals and groups in situations of vulnerability or social and personal risk.

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