Sony deal is investigated by the US government

Bungie was acquired by Sony for the trifle of US$ 3.6 billion in January 2022. And, like other industry acquisitions, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US body responsible for enforcing market competition laws in the country, is reviewing the agreement between the companies.

This move was disclosed by The Information portal, which highlighted the aggressive posture of M&A negotiation regulators — Mergers and Acquisitions, in Brazil — to maintain competitiveness between companies in various fields, including gaming.


Previously, Jim Ryan, Executive Director of SIE, assured that Bungie will continue to operate as an independent studio and publisher. However, the impact of the multiplatform franchise Destiny becoming part of the PlayStation ecosystem is investigated.

If the deal is approved by the FTC, the plan to invest in games as a service having the owner of Destiny as a partner in the endeavor will continue standing. In addition, the dev revealed to have great interest in the multimedia growth of its IPs, and sees Sony as the ideal right-hand man to achieve this goal.

SONY - destiny and PlayStation logo

Destiny 2 hides secret about new Bungie game

An easter egg for Bungie’s next game has been dropped in Destiny 2. According to game director Christopher Barret, a reference with details about the studio’s new IP is hidden in the looter shooter, and apparently no one has discovered it. Find out more by clicking here!

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