SP bet wins prize of R$ 773 thousand; see the numbers

This Friday (6) the five numbers were drawn (05-57-59-66-73) of Quina’s contest 5846. According to Caixa, a bet of Itirapina – SP scored the tens and won the maximum prize in the amount of R$ 773,730.14.

The bank also awarded individually with a value of R$ 7,536.33 plus 44 winning bets that hit the court. In addition, who made the suit (3,735 bets) and the Duke (99,186 bets) were also contemplated in Quina’s 5846 contest.

Quina’s next draw will take place tomorrow (7). The estimated prize for the edition is R$ 700 thousand. Check below how to play in the 5847 contest.

How to participate in the next Quina draw?

You can choose from five to 15 numbers from 1 to 80. Bets must be placed up to one hour before the contest, that is, the accredited lottery shops and Caixa’s official website will register the games until 19:00 (Brasília time) draw day.

How much does the Quina bet cost?

With the adjustment implemented on November 10, 2019, betting on Quina now costs a minimum of BRL 2 (with five numbers), but can reach BRL 6,006 (with 15 numbers). If the bet is placed on the site, the minimum purchase in a virtual session is R$30, but this amount may include games in other lotteries.

What is the chance of winning Quina’s top prize?

With the minimum bet of five numbers (which costs BRL 2), you have a one in 24 million chance of getting them all right and taking the highest prize in Quina. If you put another ten in the game, the price of the bet rises to R$ 12, but the chances become one in four million.

How does Quina’s official pool work?

Group bets on the Quina pool start at BRL 10, but the minimum odds are BRL 3 per participant. Caixa allows from two to 50 shares in this modality.

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