Super Seven 240: buy up to 4 Audi with R$ 1.1 million

João Pessoa, May 6, by Alessandra Martins – A super seven 240draw today, Friday, the prize is R$ 1.1 million. The draw held at 20:00 had its result published on Caixa’s website, at the end of the draw held in São Paulo. Find out here, the dozens drawn today:

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Check the result of super seven 240, here in the session lotteriesof Prime diary. therefore, pto bet on the next contest of super seven, the contest n° 241, just go up to one unit of Lottery Houses.

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There are 3 draws per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. THE super seven It’s an easy Lottery to play and win, a simple bet, it only costs R$ 2.5. readThe main prize goes to those who hit the 7 tens. However, those who hit 6, 5, 4 and 3 tens also win prizes.

How to bet?

Therefore, to bet on Super Seven is easy, just choose 7 numbers, dial in the Lotérica card or in the virtual Lotérica system. Caixa Econômica has a virtual lottery that accepts bets until 7pm. In addition, there are accredited lotteries, such as “Luck Online” that accept bets until 3 pm.

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Super seven 240: buy up to 4 Audis with R$1.1 million.  reproduction: freepik
Super seven 240: buy up to 4 Audis with R$1.1 million. reproduction: freepik

The price of a minimum bet with 7 tens is R$ 2.5. However, you can play with more numbers and thus increase your chances. In addition, the Lottery Houses have Box Balls.

Super seven: how to receive the award?

the prize of BRL 1.1 million gives Super Seven 240, if applied in Nubank, will yield on average BRL 10 thousand per month. Considering Nubank’s current income. Even if it is left in savings, this amount still yields more than R$ 4 thousand.

Did you win the Super Seven? When the prize is less than R$ 1,900, it is possible to receive it in any unit of the Lottery Houses. Prizes worth more than R$ 1,900 can only be awarded in Caxia and it is necessary to present proof of original identity with CPF and receipt of the winning bet. The prize will be credited to the winner’s account within 5 working days.

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