Symptoms of diabetes onset can start in the feet

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Brazilians annually. The great challenge to combat the onset of the disease lies in the silent appearance of many symptoms. The onset of diabetes, for example, can present changes that are perceived subtly in the feet.

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Foot symptoms that indicate the onset of diabetes

Below you can check 3 common signs that can indicate the beginning of diabetes. All of them are perceived on the feet of patients. Just remember to always seek the advice of a doctor or professional who specializes in the matter. None of these tips are a substitute for proper medical diagnosis.

1 – Charcot’s foot

Diabetes is characterized by increased levels of sugar in the bloodstream. This buildup of glucose (sugar) can cause a condition known as Charcot’s foot. These are bony protrusions accompanied by low sensitivity in the entire region of the feet. This is one of the signs that indicate the onset of diabetes in a person.

2 – Onset of diabetes: slow healing

Due to the high level of glucose present in the bloodstream, the healing of a diabetic is usually slower than normal. This change can be observed especially in the extremities of the body, such as the feet, for example.

Studies carried out in the United Kingdom by the Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases suggest 3 symptoms that represent alerts: redness, heat and swelling in the feet.

3 – Frequent infections

Poor healing of the feet is a problem that not only indicates the onset of diabetes, but can also result in more serious harm to the patient. After all, the existence of a cut, wound or skin condition can end up accumulating bacteria and turning into major infections.

Watch out for any of these symptoms and always seek specialized medical help. Treatment for any of the types of diabetes is critical to maintaining quality of life and good health.

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