The weekend’s streaming premieres

A cold weekend in much of the country has arrived and along with it, movies and series have also reached streaming platforms. THE NetflixThe Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max are with news this Saturday and Sunday for subscribers.

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At Netflix, the highlight is the release of the film “On the Way to Summer” (2022), based on the eponymous book by Sarah Dessen. In the film, recent high school graduate Auden West is accepted into college and is ready to take the first steps in her academic life. But her childhood was unusual, and she didn’t learn many skills that she should already have.

The subscribers of Disney+ will be able to see “Home for Peculiar Children” (2016), by Tim Burton. After the strange death of his grandfather (Terence Stamp), young Jake (Asa Butterfield) heads to Wales. There he intends to meet Ms. Peregrine (Eva Green) to unlock the family’s secrets. Upon arriving at the scene, he discovers that there is a time rift, where Ms. Peregrine lives and protects several children gifted with special powers, ranging from a body full of bees to super strength.

The Brazilian film “Tarsilinha”, directed by Celia Catunda and Kiko Mistrorigo, reaches the Prime Video, from Amazon. The feature film is inspired by the work and trajectory of the artist Tarsila do Amaral (1886 – 1973), one of the main precursors of the first phase of Brazilian modernism.

For those who own the HBO Maxhas the launch of the first season of the original series “Las Bravas”, which addresses the story of a team of soccer players who fight against all difficulties to achieve their goals.

Check out this weekend’s releases:

friday the 6th
– Opposites Always Attract
– On the Way to Summer – The Sound of Magic

Amazon Prime Video
friday the 6th
– The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith
– Tarsilinha The Wilds (season 2)
– Bosch: Legacy
– The Weight of Talent

Disney +
friday the 6th
– Eternal Amazon
– Home for Peculiar Children

friday the 6th
– The Ladder (Season 1)
– Las Bravas (Season 1)

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