‘Threatometer’: after all, is your team’s coach safe in the Brasileirão? – 05/07/2022

The Brazilian Championship reaches the fifth round. Today (7), the Serie A teams go to the field in search of points that can give stability to the always threatened professional: the coach. So far, there have been five layoffs in the national football elite, with the competition in progress, and each club lives in a different situation with an eye on the goals set by the direction.

The last fall was from Fábio Carille. After being thrashed by The Strongest by 5 to 0, by Libertadores, Athletico-PR opted for his dismissal, which was less than a month in charge. Felipão was announced and will be Hurricane’s third coach in the championship.

Carille joined Abel Braga (Fluminense), Alberto Valentim (Athletico-PR again), Alexander Medina (Inter) and Marquinhos Santos (América-MG), who said goodbye to the championship prematurely.

Today, there are those who live with pressure from the crowd, or even gain support on the field. There are also coaches who start to sway and who are firm due to past achievements. Therefore, the report UOL Esporte decided to explain one by one the situations of the coaches of the Brasileirão teams.

no questions

Atletico MG – Antonio Muhammad

Turco Mohamed celebrates title with Atlético-MG - Press Release Atlético-MG - Press Release Atlético-MG
Image: Atletico-MG Publicity

The beginning of Turkish work Muhammad at Atlético-MG is the best possible. There are two titles won, the Supercopa do Brasil and the Campeonato Mineiro, and 79% of the points played were used. In 24 matches, there are 17 triumphs and only one defeat. Internally, there is no question of the Argentine’s work, despite the fact that part of the crowd is in trouble, after a sequence of four draws in five matches.

Botafogo – Luis Castro
Luís Castro has great prestige with the board of Botafogo’s football department. The trainer was the personal wish of the investor, John Textor, who sees in Portuguese the ideal name and an integral part of the project he applies in the club.

Corinthians – Vitor Pereira
Newly arrived in Brazil, the Portuguese is in Honeymoon with Fiel, thanks to the promising start in the Brazilian Championship, the invincibility at Neo Química Arena. The European still has the merit of being able to rotate practically the entire cast and give effusive answers in his press conferences.

Fortress – Juan Pablo Vojvoda
A little more than a year in charge of Fortaleza, Vojvoda is experiencing the moment of greatest pressure. In the Brazilian’s lantern, he is still looking for the best performance. However, he takes credit for last year’s historic campaign, which took the Ceará team to Libertadores for the first time. This year, he won the Northeast Cup and the State Cup. Although he receives momentary criticism, he is firm in his position.

Inter – Mano Menezes
Mano Menezes is prestigious at Inter. Substitute for Alexander Medina, he managed to regain the team’s self-esteem, gave security to the defensive system and reversed the bad expectation left by the work of his predecessor. He does not suffer any type of immediate threat and is, little by little, also winning over the fans, who had restrictions on his arrival.

Palmeiras – Abel Ferreira

Abel Ferreira, coach of Palmeiras, gestures in a match against Independiente Petrolero, in Libertadores - Cesar Greco / Palmeiras - Cesar Greco / Palmeiras
Image: Cesar Greco/ Palmeiras

Abel Ferreira has a status that is as close as possible, for a Palmeiras coach, to the concept of unanimity. He is adored by the fans, has respect and control of the squad and has just renewed his contract until the end of 2024 to be the highest paid coach in South America. To so much affection and recognition, he responds with conquests. Currently, he only leaves Verdão when and if he wants to.

Red Bull Bragantino – Maurício Barbieri
It’s not just this season’s work that sustains Barbieri solid at the helm of Red Bull Bragantino, but it could well be. Vice-leader of the Brasileirão, the coach carries the glories of the great campaign last year, when he was a finalist in the Sudamericana and led the team to classification for the Libertadores. At the club since September 2020, he is not in any danger of falling for some time.

Sao Paulo – Rogério Ceni
Rogério Ceni’s current situation is fully supported by the board and the fans. After the beginning of the season troubled by friction with part of the cast and employees of the CT of Barra Funda, because of his way considered difficult to deal with, the former goalkeeper gained support by exposing at a press conference the structural problems of the training site are- Pauline. The good results in the first phase of Paulistão helped to reduce the temperature and give peace to the commander. Not even the crushing defeat in the final to Palmeiras took away its prestige with the fans and the board.

Insurance (to the extent possible)

America-MG – Vagner Mancini
América-MG’s biggest fear is not Vagner Mancini’s resignation, it’s that he will receive an offer and leave the club. Hired to replace Marquinhos Santos, he carries the prestige left by the work he did last season, when he left the club to try to avoid relegation from Grêmio. Unsuccessful in the gaucho club, he returned less than a month ago and is not in any immediate risk.

Athletico PR – Luiz Felipe Scolari

Athletico has already fired two coaches in the Brasileirão. The competition started with Alberto Valentim and, last Wednesday, he broke his relationship with Fábio Carille. Felipão, announced on the same day, accumulates the functions of technical director and coach and, having not even debuted, generates expectations. At the head of a club that has already fired two professionals in such a short time, however, he has a relative degree of security.

Avai – Eduardo Barroca
Baroque came to be threatened in Avai, thanks to the performance in the State. However, he was kept by the board and the Brazilian started well. The good start consolidates a new phase and gives security to the coach at this moment.

Coritiba – Gustavo morinigo
Gustavo Morínigo took over Coritiba in the 2020 season and could not avoid relegation to Serie B. But even there, the club gave the coach security and reaped the rewards. With the return to the national elite, the title of Paraná and the beginning of a positive Brasileirão, the coach enjoys complete security in the position.

Fluminense – Fernando Diniz
Recently announced, Fernando Diniz started his second stint as Fluminense coach this week. The debut took place on Wednesday, against Junior Barranquilla, for the Copa Sudamericana. The coach has a good relationship with the director of football, Paulo Angioni, and with the president, Mario Bittencourt, something that even played a role in the return.

Youth – Edward baptist
Even with just two points in the Brasileirão, the team’s performance supports Eduardo baptist at Alfredo Jaconi. However, fans of the gaucho team have some restrictions on command due to the game model. baptist usually sets up offensive schemes, and the fans of Serra Gaúcha preferred a more closed team. In any case, there is still no strong pressure and the management understands that the team has sinned in details.

Santos – Fabian Bustos

Fabian Bustos during Santos' game against Unión La Calera, for Sudamericana 2022 - PhotoSport/AGIF - PhotoSport/AGIF
Image: PhotoSport/AGIF

Fabián Bustos is not yet threatened in office, but his work causes doubts in the board and, mainly, in the fans. The Argentine chose to reinforce the defensive system before releasing the team. The problem is that the team retreats even in Vila Belmiro. A little over two months ago at Peixe, the coach is not at risk. But staying in the second half depends on an improvement in the team. The victory against Universidad Católica, in Ecuador, for the Sudamericana, was important for the commander.

in monitoring

Atlético-GO – Umberto Louzer
Louzer gained morale with the direction and supporters of Dragão for achieving 13 unbeaten matches. However, the team has fluctuated quite a bit recently. Your job security will be determined by upcoming games.

Ceará – Dorival Junior
After an exciting start in charge of Ceará, Dorival Júnior started to live with injury problems in the group. Income has dropped a bit, but as his work is still in its infancy, there is not as much pressure on him. The focus of the crowd’s collection is on the board, but the guarantee of a sequence depends on the next results.

Cuiabá – Pintado

The team’s frequent changes have generated some discomfort in the crowd, but Pintado receives support from the direction. His position in office cannot be considered completely safe and will depend on a positive sequence.

Flamengo – Paulo Sousa

Paulo Sousa greets Everton Ribeiro after the midfielder's goal in Flamengo x Talleres - Staff images /CONMEBOL - Staff images /CONMEBOL
Image: Staff images /CONMEBOL

Paulo Sousa has prestige with the board of Flamengo, although there is still resistance from part of the crowd. An exchange is not up for debate at the club, but Jorge Jesus’ statements to journalist Renato Maurício Prado, a columnist for UOL, undeniably disrupted the club’s atmosphere. Hence its position in this group.

Goiás – Jair Ventura
Ventura still hasn’t managed to win in command of Goiás, but that doesn’t mean he’s facing a great threat. Just over 20 days in the job, he saw his team perform well against powerful opponents and has the support of the club’s management. With the return of important players and with more time for training, the pressure for results will also increase.

* Collaborating: Yago Rudá, Brunno Carvalho, Diego Iwata, Lucas Musetti, Léo Burlá, Alexandre Araújo and Victor Martins.

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