Trump wanted to launch missiles at Mexico, says former defense secretary

posted on 06/05/2022 18:41

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Former US President Donald Trump considered launching missiles into Mexico in 2020 to “destroy drug laboratories”. The information was released by Mark T. Esper, who served as secretary of defense in the Republican administration for nearly two years.

According to Esper, the former president asked him, at least twice, about the possibility. “They don’t have control of their own country,” Esper says Trump said. The motivation for the act would be the Republican’s discontent with the constant flow of drugs across the border between Mexico and the United States.

Trump’s idea was to “fire some Patriot missiles and eliminate the labs, silently.” The former secretary adds that Trump said “nobody would know it was us” and that the United States could deny responsibility for the attack.

The information is one of the details of the Trumpist government revealed by the former Secretary of Defense in the book A Sacred Oathwhich will be released next Tuesday (10/5) in the United States — and there is still no release date for Brazil.

“I felt like I was writing for history and for the American people,” Esper said in an interview with the newspaper. The New York Times, in this Friday’s edition (5/6). He said the publication had to go through the Pentagon’s standard security clearance process, which verified that the book did not disclose confidential country information. Esper said he also sent the writings to more than two dozen four-star generals, some cabinet members and others, to assess accuracy and fairness.

The position held by Esper is related to the Minister of Defense in Brazil, as an authority over the country’s Armed Forces, second only to the president himself.

THE The New York Times questioned Trump’s team about the information described in the book, but the former president’s spokesman did not respond.

Elections and Black Lives Matter

Esper also detailed the backstage of the 2020 US elections. The former secretary said he feared that Trump would use the Armed Forces to make soldiers seize urns on election day.

Another moment of tension in the Trumpist government took place on June 1, 2020, during the large protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, motivated by the murder of George Floyd by the police. Esther says Trump asked him if he “can’t just shoot them?”

Asked by the newspaper what his view of Trump was after working in government, Esper replied that “he (Trump) is an unprincipled person who, in his own interest, should not be in a public service position.”

government resignation

The relationship between Esper and Trump began to sour at the time of the Black Lives Matter protests, after the former secretary publicly opposed calling on the army to quell anti-racist protests.

Even so, the resignation only took place in November 2020, after Trump had already lost the election to Joe Biden. “Chris is going to do a great job! Mark Esper was fired. Thank you for your service,” Trump tweeted on November 9, 2020.

Esper was the fifth of six defense secretaries to have passed through the Trump administration.

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