two bets win a prize of R$ 900 thousand in the contest

Two bets, from the cities of Caieiras – SP and Sao Paulo-SP, hit the 15 scores of contest 2514, held tonight (6), in São Paulo. The winning numbers were 02-03-05-06-07-08-09-12-14-15-16-18-19-21-24.

According to Caixa, the winners will be entitled to a prize of R$ 900,330.37 each.

Apart from the main prize, Lotofácil had 503 bets that had 14 hits – a category whose prize is variable. In this draw, each one took R$ 1,072.30.

With a total collection of BRL 21,528,622.50, Caixa also awarded 13,070 bets with 13 hits, 136,301 with 12 hits and 698,782 with 11 hits.

Tomorrow (7), Caixa will hold Lotofácil’s 2514 contest. It will be broadcast live on the internet through Caixa’s YouTube channel. The prize is estimated at R$ 1.5 million.

How to participate in the next Lotofácil draw?

You can place your bet on Lotofácil up to one hour before the draw at accredited lottery shops and on Caixa’s official website. That is, you can register your game until 19:00 tomorrow. There are 25 numbers available, and bets are placed on games of 15 to 20 chosen tens. The smallest bet now costs BRL 2.50, while the most expensive is over BRL 38,700. You can also use “Little Surprise” to let the system pick the numbers for you.

What is the chance of winning the Lotofácil jackpot?

With the minimum bet (R$ 2.50), playing 15 tens, the chance of hitting all of them is one in almost 3.3 million. Playing with another ten, the value of the game rises to R$ 40, but the odds increase: they become one in a little over 204 thousand. Whoever bets on 20 numbers increases the chance of winning to one in 211. Lotofácil also has prizes for those who match 14, 13, 12 and 11 points. With the smallest bet, the chance of winning at least the R$5 prize is one in 11.

How does the Lotofácil pool work?

Lotofácil also has a pool available for group bets. The minimum price charged by Caixa in this modality is R$10, and the odds for each participant must start at R$3. In bets with 15 numbers, the number of odds allowed varies between two and eight. With 20 tens, up to 100 shares will be allowed. It is possible to place up to ten bets per pool between 15 and 18 tens. At 19, the number drops to six. Playing 20 numbers, it is allowed to place only one bet.

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