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In a clash between teams in the middle of the table, which try to get closer to the G-4 in Serie B, Vasco and CSA play this Saturday night, at 19 pm, in São Januário.

Vasco is undefeated in Serie B, but far from having a good campaign. In five games, the club drew four and won only one. Once again, he will enter the field under pressure, as will coach Zé Ricardo, who has the support of president Jorge Salgado, but no longer has the patience of the fans.

Serie B table and classification

CSA comes from a draw against King Pelé. He made a great presentation last Saturday, against Sport, won 1-0, but was 1-1 last Wednesday with Criciúma and disappointed the crowd. The team is still teetering in the competition, and Mozart tries to find a quick solution to this problem. With six points, CSA entered the sixth round in 13th place.

Probable lineups — Photo: Arte/ge

Vasco – coach Zé Ricardo

Under pressure, Vasco has been looking for solutions to the lack of creation, one of the main problems of the team at the beginning of the competition. Even without being able to count on Palacios 100% physically, coach Zé Ricardo should send the same team to the field that drew with Tombense in the last round, with the exception of two changes.

In Friday’s activity, the last one before the match, Getúlio trained in place of Figueiredo in the attack and will win his third chance among the holders since he arrived at Vasco – the other two were in Carioca. The other change is the return of Edimar to the team in place of Riquelme.

Vasco’s likely lineup is Thiago Rodrigues, Gabriel Dias, Quintero, Anderson Conceição, Edimar, Yuri Lara, Andrey Santos, Nenê, Gabriel Pec, Getúlio and Raniel.

Vasco’s likely lineup for the game against CSA — Photo: ge

hanging: Baby and Ze Gabriel.

Who is out: Erick, Vitinho, Ulisses, Sarrafiore (DM).

The coach kept the lineup in the last two games, but he can make changes against Vasco, not least because he didn’t like the team’s first half against Criciúma. Recovered from a muscle injury, left-back Ernandes disputes position with Diego Renan.

In front, Didira has a chance to play in place of Dalberto, booed by the crowd last Wednesday. Thus, he can fulfill the role in midfield and Gabriel tends to be moved to the attack. A tactical option also for Mozart is to compose the midfield with four players.

Possible formation: Marcelo Carne; Igor, Lucão, Werley and Ernandes; Geovane, Gabriel, Didira (Dalberto) and Yann Rolim; Oswaldo and Bruno Mezenga.

Probable lineup of CSA against Vasco — Photo: GE

hanging: Gabriel and Igor.

who is out: Anderson Martins (transition), Bruno Mota (transition), Clayton (knee), Cedric (knee), Wellington (transition), Gabriel Tonini (muscle strain) and William (muscle strain).

Arbitration presentation — Photo: Infografia

Douglas Marques das Flores (SP) officiates the game, assisted by Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP) and Fabrini Bevilaqua Costa (SP). Rafael Traci (SC) will be the video referee.

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