What happens if I don’t pay the installments?

The new loan Federal Savings Bankthrough the Digital Microcredit Simplification Program for Entrepreneurs (Digital SIM), is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to start or improve a business. Its objective is to contribute to the formalization and stimulate popular entrepreneurship.

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The service is offered to the individual entrepreneur and those who already act as individual microentrepreneurs (MEI). The funds must be applied to pay expenses with suppliers, employee salaries, electricity, water, rent, purchase of raw materials, resale goods, among other options.

While the first group has a credit limit up to R$ 1 thousand and interest rate from 1.95% per month, the second has the possibility of contracting up to R$ 3 thousand and interest rate from 1.99% per month. In both cases, the installment term of the agreement is up to 24 months.

How to apply for the new Caixa Loan?

Each of the two groups has a different way of requesting the microcredit from Caixawhose deadline for analyzing requests is 10 days.

In the case of individuals who provide services or carry out productive activities, the contract can be made within the Caixa Tem app, enabled for Android and iOS devices. Remembering that the platform needs to be updated before the procedure.

For those who are MEI, access to credit requires going to a Caixa branch. The modality also requires that the micro-entrepreneur has exercised 12 months or more of activity in the category, with annual revenue of less than R$ 81 thousand.

What happens to those who do not pay the Caixa Tem loan?

Those who hire the loan Caixa Tem and do not pay the installments by the due date, the overdue debt, as in any operation of this type, will receive interest for the delay in addition to the incidence of fines.

From there, a race against time begins to regularize the installments as soon as possible before the final value becomes a snowball. The faster the overdue amount is paid, the lower the fees charged.

Even accepting requests from negative people, the Caixa Tem Credit via Digital SIM may hinder the debtor from obtaining other loans, especially within Caixa. In addition, another negative may further decrease the credit scoremaking it increasingly difficult to retake the financial reins.

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