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For those who frequently use transportation by app, Uber and 99 Táxi offer one more form of payment in addition to traditional cards, cash and PayPal: Uber Cash or 99Pay, each from one of the companies, respectively.

Uber Cash is nothing more than the purchase of prepaid trips, it works like this: you decide a certain amount and pay Uber in advance, later, when you use the app, the amount is debited from this balance that you have accumulated. .

The balance can be any amount and it never expires, the company points out. In addition, it is possible to register automatic recharge, in which you determine an amount that will always be credited when your account has less than R$10.

This payment method is valid for rides and orders via Uber Eats, bicycles and scooters.

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99Pay is a digital wallet linked to the application that, among other things, allows you to pay for 99 rides, boletos, 99Food with discounts and advantages.

As the extension works like a bank account, it is possible to make transfers and create a PIX key.

There is also a version with a separate application from 99 Pay, in this case, it is also possible to invest in bitcoins and, from R$10, there is functionality to split and pay bills with other people.

To deposit money follow the steps:

  • in the application menu, tap “Payment”;
  • click on “Add balance” and select an amount to add;
  • select the payment method and then tap “Buy”.

How to add balance to Uber Cash — Photo: Disclosure / Uber

Payment can be made via credit or debit card, bank transfer, boleto, Venmo and PayPal. In Brazil, it can also be carried out in the 280 thousand points of sale, such as newsstands and lottery.

In addition to purchase, it is possible to purchase Uber Cash balance by other means, for example, through the Uber Rewards program, user support and gift cards.

Once added, the Uber Cash amount will automatically be applied to the Uber Eats trip or order, unless the user is using a “Work Profile”.

To disable Uber Cash and use other forms of payment, simply change the option after entering the destination.

99 Pay — Photo: Reproduction 99

The 99Pay wallet is now available in the racing app. To gain access, you only need to complete the registration:

  • in the bottom menu of the application’s home screen, click “99Pay”;
  • then, click on “Register here”;
  • enter your full name, date of birth, CPF and email

To enter a balance, you need to select the “charge” option on the 99Pay tab and choose a payment method: bank transfer, credit or debit card, bank slip or cash (charge via driver).

It is also possible to make transfers via PIX and create a key for the digital wallet.

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