Why is the film considered a film revolution?

The film avatar (2009) turned 13 years old and its writer and director James Cameron is preparing a return (which he hopes will be triumphant) to theaters with four more sequels, turning his film into a true saga. But what is so memorable about Avatar? Is this movie still in people’s imagination? Before answering that, we have to talk about its impressive box office performance.

The first Avatar grossed over 2 billion 700 million dollars, with most of the tickets sold for 3D sessions, which led to it winning the title of the most profitable film in history, which it held for almost 10 years, until it was overtaken by Avengers: ultimatum (in amounts not adjusted for inflation).


With an official budget in the region of US$ 200 million – although many claim that the production has exceeded US$ 300 million – director James Cameron chose precisely the studios for Peter Jacksona Weta Studios to bring the special effects of the world of Pandora to life. For capturing images and movements of the actors, Cameron chose a hangar of 16 thousand square meters called “Spruce Goose” – the same place where the millionaire Howard Hughes built his plane at the beginning of the last century.


When he had the idea for the film, the technology needed to produce the special effects required an absurd investment and the director waited years until part of what he had imagined was seen in another film and could be used. In addition, there was also a large investment in 3D technology, since Avatar has approximately 75% of its scenes generated in virtual environments.

Because it is a story that takes place in a world that does not exist, the entire scenario was created through computing. The characters are also fictional and to be integrated into these scenarios, 3D motion capture resources were used.

To give more realism to the movements of the characters and their expressions, actors used a type of mesh with small reflectors generating points that are captured by more than a hundred cameras simultaneously. With this, all the movements seen in the film are generated and cataloged for use in the virtual characters.

As for facial expressions, the process is similar. Small colored dots are placed on the actor’s face while micro cameras positioned centimeters from his face capture the possible expressions that will come to life in the fictional characters.

In the recordings, one of the difficulties was being able to visualize the movements performed by the actors within the scenario, as this would only be added later. To solve this and have a preview of how the performances would look on the scenario, a virtual camera without lenses was created and with an LCD screen with position markers that generate the visualization of the images in real time.

Some of these technologies have already been seen in other films, but the revolution lies in the ambition to use 3D, Avatar was produced entirely with this resource while the other films to date have only used it in some scenes.

All aspects of the film are fictional, the world created even required a new language, created by the director, which required the participation of speech therapists and linguists to be produced. The same occurred for the creation of plant species existing in this world, which had the technical support of botanists and biologists.


The first teaser came out along with other trailers in the sections of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessbut did not reveal many details about the plot, only that the Na’vi have lived among humans more often, even though battles between peoples do happen.

we will have Jake (Sam Worthington), neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and their families, who try to survive during the conflicts.

The look and photography of the film remains one of the most amazing points. The quality of the 3D effects is visible, which will take the viewer to a greater sense of depth about the fauna and flora of Pandora, as well as the incredible aquatic scenarios.

The film’s release is scheduled for December 16, while the next three will be released in theaters in 2024, 2026, and 2028, should Avatar: The Water Road prove to be a box office success.

Other returning actors are Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang.

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