With four goals and three assists, Ganso already has his best season at Fluminense in four months | fluminense

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In addition to winning his first title at the club, shirt 10, in five incomplete months, has seven direct participations in goals in 2022: four balls in the net and three assists, already surpassing his first year with the tricolor shirt, when he had six direct participation and played more than twice as many games.

Goose celebrates a goal for Fluminense — Photo: Mailson Santana/Fluminense

– I hope I can keep scoring goals, helping the team, but my role is to make the team play, pass the ball to the forwards and leave them in front of the goal. That’s my role. If the goals come out, we will do it – said the midfielder, who in 2022 has already equaled the 1,116 minutes he was on the field in 2020 and exceeded the 1,014 minutes he played in 2021.

Year-over-year Goose performance on the Flu

Year assistance goals Direct participation in goal number of games
2022 3 4 7 20
2021 two 3 5 23
2020 two 1 3 32
2019 1 5 6 47

Ganso’s best season at Fluminense began to take shape precisely at a time when few seemed to believe in the midfielder’s comeback. At the beginning of 2022, the player was among the reserves of the team commanded until then by Abel Braga. Due to the lack of creativity that the team had been showing in the midfield, the number 10 shirt started to be requested by the fans.

Ganso’s first match in 2022 was a 1-0 victory over Portuguesa — Fluminense’s fifth game of the season — for the Campeonato Carioca, when he played for just two minutes. In the following duel, when Flu beat Nova Iguaçu by the same score, the midfielder was on the field for 19 minutes, and only against Volta Redonda, on February 19, did he start for the first time – at the time, Abel Braga opted for take to the field a kind of “B team”.

The football of the tricolor reserve team at the beginning of the season had been enchanting more, largely because of the midfield that valued more possession of the ball and the exchange of passes. Thus, Ganso was looking for his space in the team and ended up winning a place in the starting lineup that played in the Carioca Championship finals.

Goose in the Carioca final for Fluminense — Photo: MAILSON SANTANA/FLUMINENSE FC

With the great performances against Flamengo and the Carioca title, he ended up guaranteeing his spot as a holder of Fluminense. In this way, shirt 10 regained ownership and prestige with the fans, in addition to having become a fundamental piece for the team. Soon after the state conquest, then coach Abel Braga explained how it was the turning point for Ganso’s evolution on the field.

– What I did was simply say: “You have X percentage, with that percentage, forget it”. He had come from vacation, had an injury last year… Either he will improve a lot or he won’t play. He worked, he entered and now it is almost unanimous. He managed to join the team’s stations. The virtue is his, his individual and collective capacity, he cares a lot about the collective – said Abel in April.

Even with the drop in Fluminense’s income after the title, Ganso did not see his performance affected. After Abel’s departure, he started with the interim Marcão in the 3-2 defeat to Coritiba, when he scored two goals, last Sunday, for the Brasileirão. In the 2-1 victory over Junior Barranquilla, from Colombia, last Wednesday for the Copa Sudamericana, the midfielder scored again in the debut of an old acquaintance: Fernando Diniz.

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Fluminense players celebrate Ganso’s goal against Junior Barranquilla with coach Fernando Diniz – Copa Sudamericana, Maracanã — Photo: André Durão

With the arrival of Diniz to the tricolor command, the scenario, which was already positive for the midfielder, only improved. It was with the coach, in 2019, that Paulo Henrique Ganso had the passage that had been remembered as the best with the Fluminense shirt — until now. With the best numbers for Flu since he arrived in Rio, Ganso has the confidence of the coach and the crowd to expand his records for the team and confirm the “prophecy” of the beginning of the year.

– I believe in him as a player, as a person, and I’m happy that Abel managed to get Goose to play with the team before I arrived. He’s really great, and I’m very happy for the moment he’s living – Diniz said in his presentation.

With three goals in the last two games, Ganso became the second top scorer of the current squad, with 13 goals, leaving behind Cano and Luiz Henrique, who have 11 each. Shirt 10 is only behind Fred, owner of 198 goals with the tricolor shirt.

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With Ganso as the hope of goals and assists, Fluminense tries to beat Palmeiras for the first time at Allianz Parque, on Sunday, at 16:00 (Brasília time), for the fifth round of the Brazilian Championship. Tricolor lost all eight games they played at the stadium, which opened in 2014.

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