With the departure of Cao Hamburger from Globo, know the future of ‘As Five’

Cao Hamburger (Photo: Fábio Rocha/Globo)

Cao Hamburger, who did not have his contract renewed at Globo, has already delivered the episodes of the next two seasons of “As Five”. They will be recorded in sequence this year. If it is necessary to change the texts, the screenwriters who worked with him will make the changes.

follow the dance

Despite Susana Garcia’s move to Amazon, Mônica Martelli’s new show on GNT is still under development. The channel will look for another director.


Speaking of GNT, Paulo Vieira will start recording the second season of “Rolling Kitchen” this month. This time, the program will have not only couples, but pairs of friends and family.

bad boy

Johnny Massaro as Nelsinho in 'Beyond Illusion' (Photo: João Cotta/Globo)Johnny Massaro as Nelsinho in ‘Beyond Illusion’ (Photo: João Cotta/Globo)

Here’s the first photo of Johnny Massaro on stage as Nelsinho, a character that will arrive in “Beyond Illusion” next week. The boy will be very close to Isadora (Larissa Manoela). Due to living with him and his gang, the girl will become rebellious, which will draw the attention of everyone around her.

the animals

After dubbing the foreign version of the animation “Noé’s Ark”, Rodrigo Santoro, Marcelo Adnet and Alice Braga will also do the national one, next year. Lázaro Ramos, Wagner Moura, Sophie Charlotte, Daniel de Oliveira and Mariana Ximenes will also participate in the project.


Analu Prestes, Cristina Pereira and Luiza Kozowski in the film 'The inheritance' (Photo: Bianca Aun)Analu Prestes, Cristina Pereira and Luiza Kozowski in the film ‘The inheritance’ (Photo: Bianca Aun)

Analu Prestes, Cristina Pereira and Luiza Kozowski in “The inheritance”, whose filming takes place in Rio and Barra do Piraí. The feature is about Thomas (Diego Montez), who lives in Germany and returns to Brazil to receive the inheritance left by his mother: a house in the countryside. So, he starts to face the mysteries involving his family.


Giselle Itié will be a journalist in the culture area in “Compro likes”, from Star+. She will play the girlfriend of Ana Carol’s character, an agent.

premieres in august

About to return to the air in “Bom dia, Verônica”, Adriano Garib has just directed and produced his first film. “O Céu sobre Londrina” tells the story of two angels who appear in the city to take care of an elderly man and a young woman.


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