XP Visa Infinite Card gives you access to LoungeKey Lounges?

The higher-end versions of credit cards often offer a number of unique benefits. one of them is the LoungeKey programwhich guarantees access to more than a thousand VIP lounges in airports around the world.

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In addition, those who have a card with this advantage can also enjoy more than 900 exclusive offers on food, shopping and spas at participating airports.

In general, this type of benefit is only offered to customers who have Black version credit cards. This means that the owners of XP Visa Infinite card they also have access to all the advantages, as it is equivalent to the black product of other institutions.

XP Visa Infinite Conditions

The card is exempt from annuity, but is only released to customers with investments from R$ 50 thousand on XP. On the other hand, there is a charge of US$ 32 (approximately R$ 160) for each use of LoungeKey.

If you want to enjoy a similar benefit completely free of charge, the customer can register their card on the Visa Airport Companion platform. With this account, he earns the right to visit the Dragon Pass lounges, a competitor program of LoungeKey.

The Dragon Pass guarantees up to four free accesses with a companion per year, without paying any fees. For more information about the XP Visa Infinite card, visit the company’s website.

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