10 Facts about America Chavez

Although it didn’t have much prominence in the trailers of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the character America Chavez is crucial to the film’s plot. And while she is relatively new to Marvel comics, appearing in 2011, America already has a long history in the publisher’s publications.

In today’s video, we talk about it, bringing 10 facts about America Chavez in the comics, which can better draw the role she should play in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

10 – Multiversal Portals

Comic book readers know that America Chavez is one of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes. In addition to the ability to fly, she has super stamina and strength. However, her greatest power is her ability to open portals to other universes.

This power, which manifests itself as star-shaped portals, was precisely the ability that led her to be part of Doctor Strange’s plot in the Multiverse of Madness. Now that the concept of the multiverse seems to become more and more present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we should see America Chavez many times over.

9 – Utopian Parallel

For most of her existence, America Chavez believed she lived a perfect life. She grew up in the Utopian Parallel, a pocket reality outside of time and space that was as idyllic as one can imagine. The Utopian Parallel was inhabited only by women, and America was raised there by her two mothers.

As far as America knew, the Utopian Parallel was created and maintained by a being called the Demiurge. She also believed that her powers derived from this being, though she later discovered that most of what she believed about her childhood was not true. We’ll talk about that later.

8 – The Mothers of America Died Saving the Multiverse

As in the movie, the most tragic aspect of America Chavez’s story in the comics is the loss of her mothers. However, this happens in a very different way. In the pages of Marvel, America’s mothers died to save her life and the existence of the entire multiverse.

A series of superdense black holes has manifested in the Utopian Parallel, threatening to pull it into a collision with the rest of the multiverse. This would have led to the destruction of existence itself. Their mothers sacrificed themselves to dispel the black holes and save all of reality.

7 – America Chavez is the second Miss America

America Chavez doesn’t use his own name to save the world out there. Like many Marvel heroes, she has a codename: Miss America. And the interesting thing here is that she is actually the second Miss America in the comics. The first was a character from the Golden Age of comics.

Madelyn Joyce debuted in 1943 in the pages of Marvel Mystery Comics #49 and was one of the few female superheroes at the time. Originally a Timely Comics character, she would eventually be incorporated into the main Marvel Comics continuity, like her Golden Age counterparts Captain America and Human Torch.

6 – Member of the Young Avengers

America Chavez first appeared in Vengeance #1 from 2011, but most comic book fans know her from her stint as a member of the Young Avengers. America joined the team on its second volume in 2013 and has become one of the most powerful and important members of the teen group.

She joined a list that included Kate Bishop, Kid Loki and Patriot, characters who have appeared in the Cinematic Universe recently. Yes, that’s what you understood. I think it’s increasingly clear that the Young Avengers project is taking shape in live-action.

5 – LGBTQIA+ representation

America Chavez is a unique character in many ways. She is the first Latin American LGBTQIA+ character to star in an ongoing comic book series. In fact, she is the first Latin American character to headline a Marvel Comics solo title.

His first solo title in 2017 was a pioneer not only in terms of representation at Marvel, but also for America Chavez itself. This series built up much of its backstory by adding new dimensions to the character.

4 – The Supremes

The Ultimates is a famous team from the Ultimate Universe of Marvel, after all, this group was the equivalent of the Avengers of Universe 616. However, the regular universe also had the group called “Ultimates”, with very different heroes and function.

This group featured América Chávez as their leader, and focused on avoiding cosmic threats to Earth, such as Galactus, whom they faced on their first mission. The team was filled with super-powered people, including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau.

3 – His best friend is Kate Bishop

In the comics, America Chavez’s best friend is Kate Bishop, the Hawkeye, who also debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, played by Hailee Steinfeld. The two became very close during their time together in the Young Avengers, where Kate was able to break through America’s sometimes hard shell.

Some stories even suggest that there may be more feelings between the two, especially on America’s part. However, this never goes into depth, and as far as we know, Kate Bishop is straight. Although, when Kate says out loud that she’s the only straight one in the group, America replies, “You’re not that straight.”

2 – Captain America

In a story by Gaviã Arqueira, we have a glimpse of a future 30 years ahead. In this future, we see that America Chavez has become the new Captain America, and that she is also an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. As a result of certain events, she comes to the aid of the younger versions of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop: the Hawkeyes.

This made America the second woman to become Captain America in a possible future for Marvel. The other is named Roberta Mendez, who not only took on the shield, but also became the leader of a future version of the Avengers. It remains to be seen whether America Chavez will lead her own team as Captain America, but her previous leadership in other groups and field experience make her more than suitable for the job.

1 – Retcon

America Chavez would eventually discover that everything she believed about her childhood wasn’t exactly true. Over the course of her latest solo series, “America Chavez: Made in USA,” she discovers that her mothers were not cosmic beings living in a pocket reality, but ordinary people who were trying to save their daughter and others from a rare disease.

When their research and work were used against the children, their mothers sacrificed their lives to ensure America’s escape from what was actually a remote island on Earth. America also learned that she had a sister, Catalina, who was still alive. Well, friends. retcons. Retcons throughout. I prefer the original story.

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