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To celebrate this Mother’s Day, nothing better than taking a little time to relax and enjoy with the family or even alone, right? If you are a movie and television fan mom, but you don’t have time to watch a movie or marathon the series that everyone is talking about, know that all is not lost.

There are some tips to optimize the use of streaming platforms, which can help you fit the moment of rest or leisure into your routine. To better use the Netflix service, for example, check out some suggestions:

Subtitles: While the main TV in the house is occupied by the little ones – or they are having an afternoon nap -, enjoy the subtitles on your tablet or cell phone: you watch on mute, but connected to everything that is happening.

Playlist ‘Continue Watching’ and ‘My List’: The best friends for you to never miss the recommendations sent to you or that you saw in the WhatsApp group.

?’Like’: Every time you use the ‘thumbs up’, Netflix understands your tastes and recommends similar titles. This means that every time you come back to Netflix, you already have a new title waiting for you.

?Reminder: Did you see that the new season of your favorite series is going to premiere or were you interested in a title you saw around? Hit ‘Remember’ and Netflix will notify you as soon as it’s available.

Short series: Finally got a half hour of your own? Check out tips for series that have episodes of just 30 minutes.

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