50 cent coins that can be worth up to R$ 1,800

It is not today that we know that, as time passes, things can be valued more, which is what happens, for example, with real estate. However, it is not only material goods of great value that can be valued, but coins can also end up reaching absurd values. high.

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Yes, coins. Although it may seem strange, what actually happens is that, today, in different parts of the world, it is very common to find collectors of different types of things and products, including coins.

These collectors, in turn, do not mind paying high values ​​so that, finally, they can have the coin missing from your collection.

However, a problem that can end up seriously affecting these collectors is inflation, as, as time passes, inflation can end up making it difficult to set a good price for a certain item, causing the value to change significantly.

In the case of people who like currencies, for example, this problem is considered common and happens frequently, since the price can fluctuate throughout the year, going through several oscillations.

How to identify if a currency really has a lot of value?

As far as currency matters are concerned, numismatics, people who study or collect coins and notes, are always conducting research and undergoing important processes of knowledge absorption.

So, with that, to identify if a coin really has a lot of value, the vice president of the Brazilian Numismatics Society, Bruno Pellizzari, stated that it is not just the age of the coin that will make it have a lot of value or not.

This is because even an error in a stamp are aspects that can make the coin worth more money to collectors.

The 50 cent coins that can be worth 1800 reais

If you have a 50-cent coin in your pocket, know that it can be worth more than a thousand reais. In this case, they are coins issued in the year 2012 that lacked a zero and, nowadays, this defect can make a collector profit at least 1800 reais with the coin.

In addition to these coins, there are also 50 cent coins that commemorated the 5th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, which can be worth up to 450 reais. The commemorative coins for the 2016 Olympics can be worth R$6 each, and the complete collection is valued at R$7,000.

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