After NASA’s disclosure of sound in a black hole, Lene Sensitiva predicts what’s coming and scares

Santo André, May 7, by Helen Batista – A publicity made by the Nasa of a sound coming from a black hole, caused Lene Sensitive to have Another one of your predictions. However, she spoke with an incredible certainty that ended up scaring some of her followers. See, then, what the portal Prime diary found out for our readers.

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Lene Sensitiva used the following caption in the image of the black hole released by NASA: “I’m warning you. They’re coming, they won’t hide anymore, some make jokes, others don’t believe. Prepare yourselves humanity”. Many of the comments believed what she says, while others want to know if they come in peace or not.

The sensitive, who has 771,000 followers, was referring to extraterrestrials: “I believe everything you say,” commented one follower. “I love this information so much looking forward to this moment”, clarified another. “I believe in you! The signs are showing!”, added a netizen. See then:

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NASA shares sound coming from the black hole

Last Thursday (5th) the NASA, US space agency, publicized the sonification of a black hole. According to the G1 portal, the process happens as follows: “scientists use computer programs and programming language to “translate” information not audible by humans (in this case, astronomical data) into a sound wave that is perceptible to our ears.”

THE discovery has been analyzed by hundreds of scientists and everyone seeks an answer for our universe. However, the seer Sensitive Lene has its opinion on the matter and it is not the first time that it claims that we are not alone. Will be? What do you think? Don’t forget to comment at the end of the news.

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Lene Sensitiva has several hits about her predictions

A year without Paulo Gustavo: check out the tributes paid to the comedian on the web.  Photo: Playback/Instagram
A year without Paulo Gustavo: check out the tributes paid to the comedian on the web. Photo: Playback/Instagram

THE psychic Lene Sensitiva has several hits in her luggage, that’s why netizens believe in it so much. Even, as we published this week, the deceased actor’s sister Paulo Gustavo said that his nephews say that their father comes to visit them.

Lene Sensitiva always talks about it, she makes it clear that the actor visits his mother, sister, father, children and husband daily. The psychic says that when Paulo Gustavo visits his sister, he hugs her a lot, because he knows how much she is suffering. Lene also said that the actor was very well received on the spiritual plane, but is still dry.I walk the tears of your family members. Check it out by clicking on the link:

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