Again! Director Abandoned ‘Fast & Furious 10’ Over Vin Diesel’s TOXIC Behavior

Vin Diesel seems like a good looking guy, but it can’t be easy to work with. The star collects several reports of backstage fights, delays in filming and press interviews and toxic behavior in the work environment.

To get an idea, Dwayne Johnson fought with the actor behind the scenes of ‘Fast and Furious 8’ because of Diesel’s delays and stars behind the scenes, and abandoned the franchise – after calling him unprofessional and manipulative.

Now it was the director’s turn. Justin Lin abandon the recordings of ‘Fast and Furious 10‘ – also by friction with Diesel.

Lin, who has directed five films in the franchise, including the most recent, said he made the “difficult decision to take a step back” just days after production began, which began on April 20.

According to NY Daily News (via comic book), the filmmaker left the post because of the toxic temperament of the interpreter of Dominic Toretto.

In an interview with the portal, a veteran producer who has no connection with the franchise said that:

line is giving up $10 or $20 million For the job, I’ve never seen anything like it. But understandably, Diesel arrives late on set. He doesn’t memorize his lines and he’s not even trying to stay in shape for the role.”

line already looked uncomfortable in a video that Diesel posted on Instagram just days before the filmmaker walked away.

“First week. I just finished the first week,” Lin said in the video alongside Diesel. When the actor asked Lin how he felt, the director replied, “It feels like the beginning of an epic ending.”

Asked if it was fair to say that this will be the best movie in the saga, Lin replied: “In my heart, yes.”

The search for a new director cost the Universal in between US$ 600,000 The $1 million per day, and the new chosen one was Louis Letterrierin ‘Master trick‘ and ‘Explosive cargo‘.

Anyway, line remains tied as producer for the sequel, which is slated for a May 2023.

Remembering that the new film brings to the cast two well-known names among the geek audience: Jason Momoa (‘Aquaman’), who will be one of the main villains of the still unknown plot, and Brie Larson (‘Captain Marvel’) whose role has yet to be revealed.

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