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A victory that was being ripened. This is how América-MG’s positive result can be classified against Atlético-MG, this Saturday, for the 5th round of the Brasileirão. The fifth meeting between the rivals this season allowed Coelho to show some evolution on the field and psychological maturity of the squad to withstand the pressure and get the three points.

Vagner Mancini’s team started the match with a different lineup. The coach bet on Gustavinho and Henrique Almeida in front. In addition, an aggressive stance in marking and not waiting for Atlético to attack, as it was in the last games between the teams. The pressure worked and after Henrique Almeida’s ball was stolen, Juninho suffered a penalty and Iago Maidana converted.

América-MG wins Atlético-MG for the fifth round of the Brasileirão – Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

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It is true that Atletico did not start the match as well as the American team, and there was a failure on the part of Allan in the exit of the ball that generated the penalty and consequently the first goal, but that doesn’t matter. The credit goes to the good 20 first minutes that Mancini’s team made. The coach even mentioned that he studied the alvinegra team a lot and knew the defensive fragility that the rival had.

– Atlético is a team with a very high volume, but whoever has a lot of offensive volume leaves spaces behind. We knew that when we took the ball from Atlético and accelerated the game a little, we would have space to play – said the coach.

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Despite having taken the lead, América suffered a tie in the second half and took great pressure from Atlético, forcing goalkeeper Jailson to make great saves. However, another side of American maturity weighed on: the psychological one to “know how to suffer” and get the goal that would give the victory to Coelho.

At the end, Felipe Azevedo was sent off, who received the second yellow card, and Mancini’s team played a few minutes with 10 in fields, supporting a black-and-white blitz.

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América had already been ahead of Atlético this year, in the second round of the Libertadores, with a goal from Felipe Azevedo. In that match, Mancini’s first in the return to command of the team, the team managed to hold well the powerful Atletico attack, but ended up suffering the tie in the end with an irregular goal. This time, he fought back and won.

With the victory, América reached nine points, the same score as the leader Corinthians and is in the vice-leadership of the Brasileirão. Although we are at the beginning of the competition, Coelho’s good start to the campaign so far serves to reaffirm what is expected of the Minas Gerais team this season: repeat the good campaign in Serie A and reach again a spot in international competitions. You are in the right way.

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