Athletico-PR wins Ceará under Felipão’s eyes in the 1st game without Carille

In the first game without Carille and under the eyes of the new coach Felipão, Athletico-PR beat Ceará 1-0 tonight (7), at Arena da Baixada, in a duel valid for the fifth round of the Brazilian Championship. The goal of the match was scored by left-back Abner Vinícius, and Terans still missed a penalty.

With the result, Hurricane wins again after three games and reaches six points, currently occupying 11th place in the table. Ceará, in turn, has three points and can end the round in the relegation zone. Vozão is in 16th.

The two teams return to the field in the middle of the week, but for the Copa do Brasil. On Tuesday (10), at 9:30 pm, Athletico-PR welcomes Tocantinópolis at Arena da Baixada. The next day, at 19:00, Ceará faces Tombense, at Castelão.

For the Brasileirão, Hurricane’s next match is on Saturday (14), at 9 pm, against Fluminense, at Maracanã. On the same day, but at 4:30 pm, the team from Ceará welcomes Flamengo at home.

Felipe in the stadium

The new coach and technical director of Athletico-PR has not yet been at the edge of the lawn commanding the team, but he attended the Arena da Baixada to watch the game alongside his assistants Paulo Turra and Carlos Pracidelli. The team was led by interim Wesley Carvalho. Felipão debuts for Hurricane on Tuesday, against Tocantinópolis.

Who did well: Abner Vinícius

The side scored the winning goal for Athletico-PR in the first minutes of the second half and made the team guarantee the three points.

Who was bad: Cirino

Until he left the field injured, in the 39th minute of the first half, the Hurricane striker almost didn’t show up in the match and couldn’t bring danger to Ceará. Action off.

game chronology

Balance dictated the course of the first half. Athletico-PR started better and saw Terans almost score in the 5th minute, but João Ricardo spread the ball. With the dominance of the midfield, Ceará was encouraged and had the clearest chance of the initial stage with Lima, at 22. Nobody managed to swing the nets.

Athletico-PR came back more connected in the second half and opened the scoring at 3, with Abner. At 8, Terans missed a penalty and missed the chance to make Hurricane expand.

Atletico PR game

From the stands, Felipão saw a disorganized team with little offensive power in the first half and that came back well in the second. Dependent on good plays from Terans, poorly in the game, Athletico-PR had sometimes shown haste to continue the plays in the first 45 minutes.

Everything changed in the final stage, when he returned at another pace and soon scored with Abner Vinícius. After opening the scoring, however, Hurricane started to manage the result, gave space and was very pressured by Ceará.

Ceara’s game

Ceará started with the proposal to wait for Athletico-PR and bet on counterattacks, but the rival’s irregular performance made coach Dorival Júnior leave the team more offensive with the entry of Erick in place of the injured Richard. The goal conceded at the beginning of the second half stopped the momentum of Vozão, who returned to the match after the opponent’s retreat, but did not get the tie despite having created good chances.

Chance wasted by Lima is a lack for Ceará

When the match was still 0-0, the Ceará striker missed a clear chance to open the scoring. He received a free-kick from Mendoza and, face to face with the goalkeeper, sent over.

Terans misses VAR-assisted penalty

Athletico-PR could have extended the score minutes after making it 1-0, but Terans missed a penalty suffered by Vitor Roque and scored by the referee after checking the VAR. João Ricardo jumped in the right corner and made the save.

Erick saves Athletico-PR from the tie

In another good move from Lima to Ceará, 30 minutes into the second half, the Hurricane’s right-back threw himself onto the lawn to deflect the shot and ward off danger. Providential court.

Exchanges for injuries in the first half

Both teams had injured players in the initial stage. Cirino, from Athletico, and Richard, from Ceará, felt pain and were replaced by Vitor Roque and Erick, respectively.



Competition: Brazilian Championship, 5th round
Stadium: Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba
Date and time: May 7, 2022, at 8:30 pm (Brasília time)
Referee: Leandro Pedro Vuaden (RS)
Assistants: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi (RS) and Jose Eduardo Calza (RS)
VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (SP)
Yellow cards: Pedro Henrique, Vitor Roque, Hugo Moura, Vitinho and Bento (CAP); Bruno Pacheco, Rodrigo Lindoso, João Ricardo and Dorival Júnior (CEA)
goals: Abner Vinícius, 3 minutes into the second half (CAP)

ATHLETICO-PR: Benedict; Erick, Matheus Felipe, Pedro Henrique and Abner Vinícius; Hugo Moura (Khellven), Bryan Garcia (Matheus Fernandes) and David Terans (Léo Cittadini); Canobbio, Vitinho (Cuello) and Marcelo Cirino (Vitor Roque). Technician: Wesley Carvalho

CEARÁ: João Ricardo; Michel Machedo (Nino Paraíba), Gabriel Lacerda, Lucas Ribeiro and Bruno Pacheco (Zé Roberto); Richard Coelho (Erick), Geovane (Victor Luis) and Rodrigo Lindoso; Lima, Mendoza (Dentinho) and Vina. Technician: Dorival Junior

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