Bolsonaro approves mega discount on pickup trucks; check out

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In addition to Ford, in the Ranger and Maverick lines, other pickups also got discounts; Check out all the information for your purchase below!

The federal government issued a decree, last Friday (29), expanding the reduction in the IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) rate from 25% to 35%. The decree, which took effect from the beginning of this month, benefits a series of industrialized products, especially pickup trucks!

This time, the measure is valid only for the so-called light commercials, utilities with up to 5 tons of PBT (Total Gross Weight). That means pickupsvans and vans may have their prices reduced in May. For ordinary consumers, the measure will be felt especially in pickup trucks. Therefore, as we said, the reduction will affect pickup trucks like Fiat Strada, Toro and Fiorino, Chevrolet S10, Ford Ranger and Maverick, Mitusbishi L200 Triton and Toyota Hilux.

For these vehicles, the rate drops from 6.5% to 5.2% with decree 11,055/22. Previously, decree 10,979 had already reduced this percentage from 8% to 6.5%. It is worth remembering that this percentage is levied on the vehicle’s billingwithout taking into account the final price with the concessionaires’ margin.

Ford lowers Maverick and Ranger prices

Following Decree 11,055, published in the Federal Official Gazette on April 29, 2022, Ford reduced the prices of the Ranger, Maverick and Transit Furgão models due to the reduction of the IPI for goods transport vehicles.

The Decree also includes pickup trucks. Applying 100% of the IPI reduction to the prices of the three models, Ford obtained an average cut of 0.8% in list prices.

As a result, the Ford Ranger Black dropped from R$220,490 to R$218,730, a reduction of R$1,760. In the case of Ranger Storm, the value dropped from BRL 255,090 to BRL 253,050, a cut of BRL 2,040. Ford also cut the price of the Transit Furgão, from R$239,900 to R$237,980, a decrease of R$1,920. Finally, Maverick went from R$235,190 to R$233,310, a reduction of R$1,880.

“We fully apply the tax reduction to the models that are covered by the new decree”.

Jefferson Silva, Ford’s Retail Marketing Manager

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Silva adds: “And, valuing transparency with the consumer, we also announced that we have decided to postpone Ranger’s price increase, which was scheduled for the beginning of May, due to cost inflation in the industry. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to buy Ranger”.

Fiat cuts prices for Strada and Toro

Fiat applied the IPI discount (Tax on Industrialized Products) across its entire range of automobiles. Discounts vary between R$827 and R$4,496, depending on the model.

  • Fiat Strada Endurance Cabin Plus 1.4 Fire MT – BRL 89,298 (before BRL 90,990)
  • Fiat Strada Freedom Cabine Plus 1.3 Firefly MT – R$95,089 (previously R$96,990)
  • Fiat Strada Freedom Double Cab 1.3 Firefly MT – BRL 100,939 (before BRL 102,990)
  • Fiat Strada Volcano Double Cab 1.3 Firefly MT – BRL 103,634 (before BRL 105,990)
  • Fiat Strada Volcano Double Cab 1.3 Firefly CVT – BRL 109,501 (before it was BRL 111,990)
  • Fiat Strada Ranch Double Cab 1.3 Firefly AT – BRL 114,514 (before BRL 116,990)
  • Fiat Toro Endurance 1.3 Turbo Flex AT6 2022 – R$ 135,019 (before it was R$ 137,990)
  • Fiat Toro Freedom 1.3 Turbo Flex AT6 – BRL 146,005 (previously BRL 149,190)
  • Fiat Toro Volcano 1.3 Turbo Flex AT6 – BRL 159,764 (before BRL 163,290)
  • Fiat Toro Endurance 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – R$166,490 (before it was R$172,490)
  • Fiat Toro Freedom 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – R$ 179,844 (before it was R$ 183,690)
  • Fiat Toro Volcano 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – R$191,790 (before it was R$197,790)
  • Fiat Toro Ranch 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – BRL 200,894 (before BRL 205,390)
  • Fiat Toro Ultra 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – BRL 203,012 (before BRL 207,390)

The reduction in prices will be 2.59% compared to January and 1.23% compared to April. Thus, what is expected is that car brands reduce this percentage on average, but the consultancy ponders, since this reduction of just over 1.2% will only occur if the manufacturer applies 100% of the reduction.

It is also important to consider other variations that may influence manufacturers’ decision to apply or not the reduction to the current price. The semiconductor crisis is one of them.since it hits hard on the automotive sector, raising operating costs and also the acquisition of inputs and components.

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government on the right path

The IPI reduction that had been given previously was increased to 35% of the percentage in effect before the first reduction. Adding the new reduction, the federal government presents a tax waiver of BRL 15.2 billion in 2022, BRL 27.3 billion in 2023 and BRL 29.3 billion in 2024.

Given these measures, much remains to be done about the country’s tax burden. However, it should be noted that the Federal Government, together with the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, has been doing an excellent job in this regard.

With an emphasis on lowering the cost of transport, the new IPI reduction encourages fleet renewal with the purchase of new vehicles, but still the difference in the final price is still low. Anyway, the cut is already a breath.

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