Brasiliense has to work 134 hours to pay for basic food. see prices

In these times when customers fight for onions in the promotion, it is necessary that the brasiliense work 134 hours and 36 minutes, per month, to buy a basic food basket. According to the Inter-union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese), the price of foodstuffs rose for the second consecutive month in April, reaching R$741.55.


During the opening of a supermarket in Planaltina, customers competed for onions that were on sale for R$0.99 a kilo. The images shocked social media. The establishment regretted the scenes, classifying them as sad, and said they did not condone the violence.

According to Dieese’s calculations, the monthly increase is 5.24%, while in comparison with the last 12 months, the increase was 26.26%. In the calculation of 2022, the growth hit 19.30%. Still in terms of percentage, when buying a basic food basket, the citizen consumes 66.14% of the minimum wage.

See the images of the “fight” for the onions:


Products with a high in relation to March 2022 in the DF basic basket are:

  • Tomato (16.25%);
  • Potato (15.66%);
  • Oil (11.34%);
  • Beans (9.99%);
  • Flour (9.54%);
  • Milk (6.43%);
  • Rice (4.02%);
  • Bread (3.78%);
  • Sugar (3.36%);
  • Meat (2.61%);
  • Butter (1.89%); and
  • Coffee (1.32%).

On the other hand, there was a reduction in the value of bananas (-4.59%).

According to the Department, the value of the basic food basket has increased in all Brazilian capitals. In the ranking of the increase between March and April, Brasília occupied the sixth position, behind Campo Grande (6.42%), Porto Alegre (6.34%), Florianópolis (5.71%), São Paulo (5.62 %) and Curitiba (5.37%).

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