Cardiologist sentenced for palpating patient’s private parts during consultation in MA | maranhão

The 2nd Court of Justice of Santa Luzia sentenced a cardiologist to four and a half years in prison, in a semi-open regime, for the practice of a libidinous act against a patient, on the premises of an office, during a consultation, in the city of Santa Luzia. , located 349 km from São Luís.

The crime, which took place in December 2021, was reported by the patient, who claimed to have been groped in her private parts during a consultation. In addition to touching, according to her, there were attempts at caressing other parts of the body, which were immediately refused. The victim left the hospital unit and called the police as soon as she got home.

Cardiologist is convicted of palpating a patient’s private parts during a consultation in Maranhão – Photo: Reproduction/TV Mirante

The cardiologist, arrested at work, hours after the incident, responded to the process in freedom, through a Habeas Corpus. The Public Ministry of Maranhão (MP-MA) formalized the complaint of the case, alleging the practice of a libidinous act, provided for in article 215 of the Penal Code.

The item explains the following qualification for the act: “To have carnal intercourse or to practice another lewd act with someone, through fraud or other means that prevents or hinders the free expression of the victim’s will.” The doctor must respond to the conviction in freedom, according to the understanding issued in the sentence, being able to appeal, together with his defense, the judicial decision.

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