Check out tips to increase your credit card limit Inter

Always aiming at the customer’s comfort, Banco Inter offers credit cards with no annual fee or additional fees. However, many users claim that the limit offered is not always enough to meet their needs.

That’s why we’ve separated some tips from the digital bank itself so you can increase the coveted pre-approved limit.

Remembering that some of these recommendations may contribute to changing the limit, but it is not 100% guaranteed, as it depends on the credit analysis carried out by Inter.

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Tips to increase your credit card limit Inter

Therefore, check out the tips below to increase the pre-approved limit on the Inter card:

Maintain a good relationship with the company

When we talk about maintaining a good relationship with the company (in this case, the bank), it is necessary to have your debts up to date, first. In this way, you will earn Inter’s trust even more and increase your limit more easily.

update your data

According to Banco Inter, customers who are looking for an increase in their credit limit need to keep their data up to date. This is necessary because, in this way, the institution can perform a more accurate credit analysis.

Use the limit already available

Even if it is a low amount, it is necessary to move the limit of your Inter card. When customers use and take advantage of the services offered, the bank is able to draw a more detailed consumption profile of users, which makes it possible to release the limit.

Limit increase by investing in CDB at Inter

In addition to the tips mentioned, there is still one more option to increase your credit limit at Inter. Also, if you feel urgent, know that it is possible to invest in the “CDB Mais Limite de Crédito”, where users expand the limit with investments with a daily yield of 100% of the CDI.

According to Banco Inter, when investing any amount in this category, it will be immediately converted into a credit card limit. That is, if you invest R$ 200, this same amount will be available for purchases on the card.

In addition, the amount can be collected at any time, as long as the limit has not yet been used. However, if the amount has been consumed, it is not possible to redeem.

The digital bank also points out that the amount of the withdrawal is deducted from the limit value, so it is necessary to pay attention to the information before confirming to authorize the operation.

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