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Ribeirão Preto, SP, 7 (AFI) – After seven years, Comercial, who was relegated in 2015, is back to play next season, the Campeonato Paulista in the A2 Series. Owner of the best campaign, Bafo, playing this Saturday afternoon (07), in Ribeirão Preto, at the Francisco de Palma Travassos Stadium in front of a large audience, was again in a goalless draw against Votuporanguense in the return game for the semifinals of the Campeonato Paulista Serie A3. In the first leg it was a 1-1 draw. With that, the commercial team with justice and deservedness achieved its objective, the feat and access.

By gaining access to the Paulista A2 Series next season, the Ribeirão Preto representative made an enviable campaign: Adding the three phases of the Paulista A3, Leão do Norte played about 23 games. There were 13 victories, eight draws and only two defeats, totaling 47 points. The attack scored 40 times, while the defense conceded 19 goals. Wendell Alex, who went blank, is the top scorer of the Lion with nine goals, but he can still be the top scorer of the competition, even because there are two more games left where the title decision takes place.

Bafo got off to a bad start in the competition, losing 1-0 in their home debut to Sertãozinho. Following this, Nacional 0x3 Comercial; Desportivo Brasil 1×2 Bafo; Northern Lion 2×1 Marília; Northwest 2×1 Panther; Commercial 3×1 Bandeirante; Olympia 1×3 Breath; Commercial 2×1 União Suzano; San Jose 0x0 Breath; Rio Preto 1×1; Commercial 1×1 Votuporanguense; Matonense 0x3 Breath; Commercial 2×1 Capivarian; Bafo 4×2 EC São Bernardo e Barretos 1×1 Commercial.

The following results were obtained in the second phase: União Suzano 0x3 Comercial; Breath 3×1 Votuporanguense; Saint Joseph 3×3 Leon; Commercial 0x0 São José; Votuporanguense 0x1 Comercial and Bafo 1×0 União Suzano. In the semifinal, in Votuporanga, at Arena Plínio Marin, it was a 1×1 draw.

As soon as the young referee Candançan whistled the start of the game, the commercial team made pressure, but with the visiting team very attentive. The first good chance to score came in the 11th minute with Gabriel Tota, who at the entrance of the area decided to take a risk for an excellent defense by the archer Tales Lima. At 25, on the counterattack, CAV could even endanger Almeida’s goal. The votuporanguense winger Lincoln managed to get close to the goal, but when it was time to finish, he kicked badly and went wide.

In the 37th minute, Leão do Norte again threatened the goal of the representative of Votuporanga. Tota, crossed to the area, Gabriel Silva inside the small area headed weakly to the defense of Tales who thanked him. In the rest of the first stage there were two shots, one for each side, but without much danger to the goalkeepers. Because of this, the handle ended up blank. Comercial had more possession of the ball and playing with the rules. Votuporanguense, on the other hand, was never shaken on the field and tried to counterattack, but without success.

Returning to the second half, the show gained more emotion. In the 12th minute, the visitors almost opened the scoring with Israel who arrived late in the bid after a beautiful move by Erick Salles. Two minutes later, Gustavo Silva, gave the change and hit the crossbar of the number one of the CAV. In the 18th minute, defender Thiago Moura was in danger by heading close to the post after a corner that came from the right. After that, the game was filled with emotion. Votuporanguense went with everything in search of the goal.

There were two good scoring situations. Bafo tried with Guilherme Pitbull, while the visiting team, based on despair, took danger with Marlon. Playing with the rules in hand, the team led by coach Gustavo Marciano was more planted and avoided the opponent’s goal. It was a struggle and the duel ended at zero, but with a fair achievement for what the Ribeirão Preto representative did in such a difficult and well-organized championship by the São Paulo Football Federation. Final, 0 to 0, and Bafo, in A2, with justice.

With access, Comercial will play in two games with the winner of Noroeste and EC São Bernardo, the title of the competition. Next Monday (09), the São Paulo Football Federation will define the dates and times. For having had the best overall campaign, the commercial team will play the second game in their domains at the Francisco de Palma Travassos Stadium.

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