Corinthians financial director explains debt amount with businessman Giuliano Bertolucci

This Friday, Corinthians financial director Wesley Melo gave a press conference at CT Joaquim Grava and talked about some aspects of the official balance sheet for 2021, released at the end of April this year. One of the topics discussed was the debt of the alvinegro club with businessman Giuliano Bertolucci.

In the 2020 financial statement, there was a debt of approximately BRL 9 million with the businessman. In the document referring to last year, Corinthians appears with two debts to pay to Giuliano Bertolucci, both of R$ 8 million, but one of them in a non-current amount, which can be paid in the long term, totaling R$ 16 million. Wesley Melo explained the situation.

“About Giuliano, there is no duplicity. We do have this debt, what we had there was a negotiation of around R$ 16 million, which is the liability we have for him, but which is short and long term. In the next year, it’s R$8 million and, from then on, we owe another R$8 million. The debt is unique, but there is a specification of when it must be paid”, said the financial director of Corinthians.

According to a survey carried out by the My Helm, the Parque São Jorge club has been in debt with Giuliano Bertolucci since 2017. In that season, Corinthians had Roberto de Andrade as president. The amount of debt that year was approximately R$5 million reais, therefore, there was an increase in the amount payable to the entrepreneur over the years.

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