Death toll in Cuba hotel explosion rises to 32

The number of dead in explosion at the Saratoga Hotelin Havana, capital of Cuba, rose to 32 and the number of wounded to 80, as reported this Saturday (7) by local press vehicles.

The state news agency Prensa Latina reported that, according to the head of the Red Cross’s Family Contacts Restoration Front, Gloria Bonnin, there are still 19 people missing, according to a list drawn up by the body.

Bonnin told state website Cubadebate that the term “disappeared” is used to define people who are not registered at the morgue or hospital and who have not yet made contact with family or friends.

The explosion, according to local authorities, was not an attack and took place yesterday, when a liquefied gas tanker was filling up the luxury hotel’s warehouse. The most likely thesis that the authorities work with is that a leak caused the detonation.

Also this Saturday, the head of the Department of Hospital Services of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, Julio Guerra, reported that 80 people were injured in the explosion.

According to the source, in all, there are 46 hospitalized, 31 of them adults and 15 minors. Among them is a Spanish tourist. Guerra told Cuban state television that seven of the patients were in a critical condition and three in a serious condition.

Among the dead, the source said, were four minors, a pregnant woman and a Spanish tourist. Rescue work continues in the vicinity of the Hotel Saratoga, which is located in the center of Old Havana.

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