Did you copy ‘The Talented Ripley’ speech? Amber Heard is the target of fake news after testimony against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue to face each other in US courts and, in recent days, the two have participated in an explosive testimony that has attracted the attention of the media and netizens.

Heard was once again the target of criticism from the public and, after several theories that she could even be using cocaine in the middle of the session, another aspect of her speech became one of the most talked about topics on social media (via TMZ).

The most recent fake news that went viral on the internet involves a piece of Heard’s testimony that, in fact, would be a blatant copy of the film ‘The Talented Ripley’.

How can we see ourselves tweets below, netizens strongly believed that the actress had copied in full the speech given by Marge Sherwood (Gwyneth Paltrow) in the 1999 feature film.

The text in question is: “The thing about (Johnny/Dickie)… It’s like the sun is shining down on you and it’s glorious. And then he forgets you and everything is very, very cold. When you have his attention, you feel like the only person in the world, which is why everyone loves him.”

However, a quick search of the court files soon disproved the accusations and revealed Heard’s actual speech, proving that, in fact, what she said had nothing to do with the film’s speech.

Recently, the legal teams of both actors have made official statements about the events that have taken place so far.

For those who don’t remember, Heard claimed that Depp sexually abused her with a bottle and detailed the alleged abuse she was subjected to at the hands of her ex-husband.

“On the advice of Mr. Depp correctly predicted in her statement last month, Ms. Heard, in fact, delivered ‘the performance of his career in his direct examination’”a spokesperson for the actor told the magazine PEOPLE.

The statement continues: “While the stories of Ms. Heard continues to grow with new and convenient details, Mr. Depp have remained the same over the painful six years since the allegations were first made. The truth he – the truth [em si] – is the same no matter the setting in which it was performed.”

“The upcoming cross-examination of Mr. Depp will and will certainly bring to light the various fallacies that Ms. Heard tried to sell it as fact through his exaggerated testimony.”the text concludes.

In response, Heard’s legal team responded:

“As evidenced by the released statement, the defamation claimed by Mr. Depp is falling apart so quickly that his advice is shifting from prosecutor to stalker. They insist that Mr. Depp hasn’t changed. If true, since he lost the Restriction Order for Domestic Violence and resoundingly lost the case in the UK, perhaps he should consider a new tragedy before recycling the approach of attacking the victim and refusing to take responsibility for his own conduct.” .

The statement continues: “if Mr. Depp was actually innocent, why did he repeatedly apologize to Ms. Heard and promised to drive away ‘the monster at once’? […] The same team is so panicked that they are fighting tooth and nail to prevent hard evidence and photos from being introduced. [como provas]. We also wonder why Mr. Depp couldn’t even look at Ms. Heard throughout the proceedings – similarly in the UK.”

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