Dirty name blocks credit card? check out

Having the name negative in the credit agencies or popularly having a “dirty name”, affects people’s financial lives, as this means there will be difficulty in obtaining credit and financing.

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My name got dirty, will my credit card be blocked?

It is important to emphasize that the name being negative in the credit agencies refers to the history of the consumer’s financial behavior. In this way, the name of the citizen can be dirty because they owe a store, cell phone plan, internet or any other situation related to the commercial sector.

Therefore, the credit card is not blocked because the CPF is negative, as long as it is being paid on time.

However, if the consumer has a loan with the same financial institution that released the credit card and he has outstanding debts on this loan that left him with restriction in his name, in this case, possibly, the citizen will lose the card, due to the debt he has in the same institution.

And, if you want to hire a new credit card or have the limit increased from what you already have, the citizen with the dirty name will have great difficulty getting it, due to financial restrictions.

Situations that sully the name

There are several situations that can lead the consumer to have the name negative in the main credit protection agencies. Check out some reasons that can lead the consumer to have a dirty name:


Another way to get your name dirty is when a person you owe a debt to puts your name in court for you to pay it off.


It happens when the consumer delays the payment of a bill, which may be on purpose, due to forgetfulness or financial difficulty.

Bad check

When a person writes a check and doesn’t have funds in the bank to pay, it shows that they have no control over their financial life.

Participation in bankruptcy

When the company in which the person is a partner goes bankrupt and is unable to pay its financial debts.


It happens when, for example, the consumer buys something on credit in a certain store and cannot pay. In this way, the store protests the debt in a notary’s office, which causes the negative of the CPF.

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