Find out what are the news from Globoplay for the month of May

Globoplay announced the May news for the platform, and the month will highlight the story of former football player Walter Casagrande Júnior, theme of an original series on the platform. The documentary Casão, in a Game Without Rules, will bring several facts about the life of the former Corinthians player, starting with his childhood in the suburbs of São Paulo, the times of the Military Dictatorship, in addition to the famous fight that separates him from Timão.

Another novelty on Globo’s streaming is the premiere of the soap opera Lua Cheia de Amor, which brings the story of Genuína Miranda, a hardworking, uneducated woman who works as a street vendor to support her family, who was played by Marília Pêra. Another Globo classic, the miniseries Anos Dourados, is also one of the novelties on the platform, showing a portrait of the moral values ​​of Rio’s middle class in the 1950s.

Played by Gloria Pires, the second version of the novel Anjo Mau will also arrive on the streaming service, and follows Nice, an ambitious and disingenuous woman, who seeks social ascension, being able to go over everyone to achieve her goals. In the tab + live channels, there is the premiere of Pão-Pão, Beijo-Beijo, on Viva, bringing the story of Ciro and Soró, who lose their jobs after being involved in an accident with Bruna, heiress of a chain of Italian canteens. However, the girl’s family employs the two to make up for the loss.

Among the series, Globoplay will bet on the second season of Transplant: A New Life, which begins with doctor Bashir (Hamza Haq) and his colleagues trying to find out what their future professionals will be like after the coup of doctor Jed Bishop (John Hannah). La Brea – The Lost Land is another new feature on the platform, where a crater mysteriously opens in Los Angeles and separates a family. One half of its members are inexplicably transported to a primitive world with a group of strangers.

Check out all the news from Globoplay for the month of May.

exclusive series
Synopsis: Eve Garance is a talented artist capable of analyzing people deeply. At the Police Department, she uses her gift to create drawings that help arrest criminals.
Cast: Rachel Graton, Sophie Lorain, Rémy Girard, Adrien Belugau, Brett Donahue
Year of Production: 2021
Seasons: 1

Mothers: Love and Life – T2
exclusive series
Synopsis: The pediatric ward of a hospital unites mothers and doctors who share difficult experiences with their children and patients, as well as family and emotional problems.
Cast: Belén Rueda, Carmen Ruiz, Mónica Cruz, Vicky Luengo, Rosario Pardo.
Year of Production: 2019
seasons: 2

The Discovery of Witches – T3
exclusive series
Synopsis: Diana Bishop, historian and witch, embarks on a magical journey after discovering a manuscript in Oxford. To protect the book, she enlists the help of a mysterious vampire.
Cast: Teresa Palmer, Matthew Goode, Valarie Pettiford, Malin Buska.
Year of Production: 2018
seasons: 3

Golden years
Synopsis: A tour of the values ​​of the middle class in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s, based on the romance between Lurdinha, a normal student with conservative parents, and Marcos, a student and son of divorced parents.
Cast: Antonio Calloni, Betty Faria, Claudio Correa e Castro, Felipe Camargo, Isabela Garcia, Jece Valadão, Lucia Alves, Malu Mader, Nivea Maria, Tania Scher, Taumaturgo Ferreira, Yara Amaral.
Year of Production: 1986

Bad angel
Soap opera
Synopsis: Ambitious, Nice seeks social ascension through Rodrigo Medeiros, but ends up falling really in love with the boy. Second version of the novel originally aired in 1976.
Cast: Gloria Pires, Cláudio Corrêa e Castro, Regina Dourado, Maria Padilha, Kadu Moliterno, Alessandra Negrini, Leonardo Brício, Lavínia Vlasak, Márcio Garcia, Luciano Szafir.
Year of Production: 1997

full moon of love
Soap opera
Synopsis: The Genuine fighter dreams of the return of Diego, father of her children Rodrigo and Mercedes, who reject their mother’s origin. Diego comes up with another identity and changes Genu’s destiny.
Cast: Marília Pêra, Francisco Cuoco, Isabela Garcia, Roberto Battaglin, Arlete Salles, Susana Vieira.
Year of Production: 1990

Other May releases

Casão, in a Game without Rules
Synopsis: An intense journey that says a lot about recent history. Few characters allow to peel so many layers of Brazilian society as Walter Casagrande Júnior, aka Casão: former striker of the Brazilian team and idol of Corinthians. Fruit of a unique space-time: the military repression of the 70s and the
cultural effervescence of the 80s.
Genre: Documentary
Year of Production: 2022

Loving Too Much – T1.2
exclusive novel
Synopsis: After being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Zeca will fight to prove his innocence and win back the loves of his past.
Cast: Graciano Dias, Ana Varela, Fernanda Serrano, Sérgio Praia, Sofia Ribeiro.
Year of Production: 2020

Transplant: A New Life – T2
exclusive series
Synopsis: Syrian refugee doctor Bashir lives in Canada, where he works in a restaurant. However, everything changes after an accident with multiple victims – including the director of a hospital.
Cast: Hamza Haq, Laurence Leboeuf, John Hannah.
Year of Production: 2021
seasons: 2

La Brea – The Lost Land
exclusive series
Synopsis: A crater, which mysteriously opens in Los Angeles, separates part of a family revealing an inexplicably primitive world.
Cast: Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Chike Okonkwo.
Year of Production: 2021
Seasons: 1

Family Law
Synopsis: A lawyer and recovering alcoholic is forced to work at her father’s law firm while trying to establish a relationship with the brothers she has just met.
Cast: Jewel Staite, Victor Garber, Zach Smadu.
Year of Production: 2020
Seasons: 1

Walker – T2.1
exclusive series
Synopsis: After a tragic event with his wife, police officer Cordell Walker returns to his hometown in Texas, where he will fight local crime by following only his own rules.
Cast: Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Molly Hagan, Keegan Allen.
Year of Production: 2021
seasons: 2

In Wealth and Poverty
Synopsis: Six couples who intend to get married, despite coming from totally opposite economic classes, face an intense analysis that must investigate whether the relationship between the two is true love or interest in money and a luxurious life.
Year of Production: 2019

May releases for Globoplay subscribers + live channels

Let me know I’ll go – 05/03
From an ad on his social networks, Paulo Vieira sets out on a trip through the countryside of Brazil in search of what this country has to offer: Brazilians and their stories. Following the public’s suggestions, he meets local personalities and visits the most famous anonymous people.
Episodes – 10×45′
Days – Every Tuesday at 10:45 pm.

Let go if you can – 05/06
The average family home contains a staggering 64,000 items, and living in all this clutter is making us miserable. But imagine if the entire contents of your home were placed in front of you, so you could decide what to keep and what to throw away. Sabrina Sato will lead the detachment alongside Micaela Goes and Gabriella de Matos.
Episodes – 10×45′
Days – Every Friday at 9:45 pm.

Paraíso Family – 05/30
Leandro Hassum plays Leleco in the new Multishow series. After losing everything he had, the agitated Leleco finds a new job in a nursing home, where he will have to get used to living with people so different from him. The cast includes Cacau Protasio, Paulinho Serra, Viviane Araújo and much more.
Days – Mon. to Fri. at 10:30 pm
VOD the next day

MITA Festival – 05/21 and 22
Directly from the Jockey Club, in Rio de Janeiro, Multishow broadcasts the MITA Festival, with great names in national and international music. On Saturday, starting at 2:55 pm, Multishow presents shows by Liniker, Heavy Baile, Two Door Cinema Club, The Kooks and Gorillaz. On Sunday, also from 2:55 pm, it is the turn of Jão, Marcelo D2, Gilberto Gil, Tom Misch and Rüfüs du Sol.
Days – Saturday and Sunday, from 2:55 pm

Bugados T4 – 05/02
Inspired by the villain Mabel Estrela’s relentless quest for fame, Mig sets out to become a music star. Even without much talent for it, he forms Bugabanda along with his friends João, Fabinho, Alicia and Naomi. Throughout the season, we can follow the band’s journey, including the creation of the first clip, the first show and even the first festival.
Days – Mon to Fri, 6pm
VOD the next day

Bread-Bread, Kiss-Kiss – 05/16
Ciro and Soró lose their jobs when they get involved in an accident with Bruna, heiress of a chain of Italian canteens, the girl’s family employs them both to compensate for the loss. A novel written by Walther Negrão, from 1983, with Elizabeth Savalla, Cláudio Marzo and a great cast.
167 chapters
From Monday to Saturday at 2:40 pm.
Marathon on Sundays, starting at 11:30 pm.

Brazilian Football Championship – Series A and B
Bringing together the main clubs of National Football, the Brasileirão – Series A and B, advances through the month of May.
Service: 2 games per round in Serie A (4th to 8th round) / 6 games per round in Serie B (5th to 9th round)

Copa do Brasil de Futebol – 3rd Phase
The main playoff in Brazil is in the return match of the 3rd phase, with the presence of giants of Brazilian football.
Service: 11 games

Diamond League
The season begins at World Athletics’ premier competition circuit.
Service: 3 stages (13, 21 and 28/5)

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