Former Flamengo striker declares himself to the club and recalls partnership with Gabigol and Pedro: ‘I learned a lot’ | Flamengo

Former Flamengo striker highlights partnership with Gabigol and PedroPhoto: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo

Published 05/07/2022 18:47

Rio – Former Flamengo striker, Rodrigo Muniz, commented on the adaptation in England, in an interview with the portal “GE”, where he plays for Fulham. This week, the 21-year-old won the Championship title, the country’s second division, which gave him access to the Premier League. Sold by Flamengo for R$ 50 million last year, the athlete says he is quite happy with his career.

“I didn’t say anything, just OK, OK, very good. And then last week, because of my visa, I had to take an English conversation test, and I passed. For those who didn’t speak anything, pass the test… I was happy ! I gave life [para aprender]the club provided a teacher for me and my wife, and we have a teacher who also helps us”, reported striker Rodrigo Muniz.

In addition, Muniz highlighted the partnership with his wife and commented on his time at Flamengo, where he was revealed professionally. At one point, the striker mentioned learning from Gabigol and Pedro to improve his position.

“I talk a lot with my wife. When I was at Flamengo there was Pedro and Gabigol, then I came here and there is Mitrovic. But it’s been good for me, because at Flamengo I learned a lot, and here I’m certainly learning a lot too”, highlighted Muniz, in an interview with ‘GE’.

“He (Marco Silva) talks to me a lot, I understand that he has Mitrovic, who has had a very good season. I keep working, he says never to lose this desire I have to win in life. Because as I’m not playing much, I have to work to get my space. And I train a lot, when the opportunity arises, I’m prepared,” he added.

Finally, the striker was asked which player he would like to face next season in the Premier League.

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo. If he stays at Manchester, it would be very cool. First focus on the game, and after the game, if you can, change shirts, talk”, he concluded.

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