How to check the PIS and the balance of the extraordinary withdrawal of up to R$ 1 thousand from the FGTS?

Since April 20, the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS (Fundo de Garantia por Tempo de Serviço) is available for three groups of workers.

In all, there are about 42 million citizens eligible for the round of rescues of up to BRL 1 thousand.

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To find out the available balance, just access the Caixa website and inform the number of the Social Integration Program (PIS). Remembering that it can be found in the Work Card, in the Citizen Card and in Caixa Econômica Federal branches.

If you do not have the data at hand, you can consult by phone or through other digital platforms, without having to inform the PIS. The query options are:

  • Digital Work Portfolio;
  • FGTS application;
  • Caixa Tem app;
  • My INSS website or app;
  • Phone 135 or 08007260207.

It is worth mentioning that only citizens who have less than R$ 1 thousand in active or inactive accounts will be able to withdraw the entire amount available. However, those with higher values ​​must respect the limit imposed by the Federal Government and keep the money saved.

Extraordinary FGTS Withdrawal

Due to the current situation in the country, the government decided to enter the extraordinary loot in order to stimulate the economy with the injection of up to R$ 30 billion in the economy.

In addition, the measure is part of a large economic agreement that also includes the anticipation of the 13th salary of the INSS, for example.

With the exception of those who used the FGTS as a guarantee in credit operations, all workers who have a balance in their accounts will be able to withdraw the benefit.

In this way, the money is deposited in the digital account of the Caixa Tem app, and payments are made according to the month of birth of the citizens.

See the extraordinary withdrawal schedule below:

Birth month deposit date
January april 20
February April 30th
March may 4th
April may 11
May May 14th
June May 18
July May 21
August may 25th
September May 28
October 1st of june
November June 8th
December 15th of June

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