How to get rid of excessive foot sweat? Doctor recommends doing this!

Florianópolis, today, May 7, by Emanuelle Cordeiro — Excessive foot sweat is a problem that affects many people around the world. The causes can be the most diverse. In addition, they can cause inconvenience and embarrassment that are not legal at all.

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So we decided to bring some amazing tips that can help you. But we must remember that it is always important to consult the doctor. He will know what to do to improve the problem. See what doctors recommend, now in this blog post Simplified Manual.

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What causes a lot of sweaty feet?

Most cases of plantar hyperhidrosis start when you are a child or teenager and usually do not have a specific cause. That is, there is no knowledge for the development of the disease.

However, it is known that genetic (hereditary) factors can be the origin of the problem. Therefore, having a family member with the disorder increases the likelihood of sweating. Some pathologies parallel to this can also be the cause of excessive sweating of the feet. Therefore, in these cases, a thorough investigation by the attending physician is imperative.

Plantar hyperhidrosis, as it is called excessive foot sweat and other types of excessive sweating, can be caused by emotions such as stress, heat, or exercise. So when you’re sleeping, you end up not sweating that much.

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How to finish quickly?

How to get rid of excessive foot sweat?  Doctor recommends doing this!  - source: canvas
How to get rid of excessive foot sweat? Doctor recommends doing this! – source: canvas

Usually, the treatment for excessive foot sweating is pretty straightforward. Therefore, you can be carefree, as the prognosis is very favorable.

Usually, this treatment is done just by changing some habits you have at home. In addition, you can make use of very simple home treatments and ointments, as we will see below.

What is the best home remedy?

The home measures that you can adopt are very simple. They can help improve sweat symptoms:

  • Wash your feet at least twice a day
  • Dry your feet very well after washing
  • Use anti-fungal talc on shoes, but without leaving it in direct contact with the feet
  • Change socks often
  • Go barefoot for a few hours a day to ventilate your feet.

The website editor wow, interviewed Dr. Drauzio Varella, in August 2020. In this interview, he talks a little more about this disease. And a little more of the treatment used in this problem. Did you like the tips? Do it at home or share with someone you know who deals with excessive foot sweat and then let us know the result.

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