How to regularize your CPF if you have a dirty name

be with the dirty name it can be a barrier for many citizens, so always having your CPF status regularized is essential. For this, check out some tips that we have separated that will surely help you.

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the dirty name

The dirty name is the popular term we use to refer to someone who has a restriction on the CPF – Cadastro Pessoa Física, and it usually happens when a person fails to pay a bill or even a loan. However, it is possible to change this status and make the name clear again.

For this, the first step is to check the CPF status, after all, many citizens do not even know who has a dirty name, and others often end up being victims of blows.

Consequences of having a dirty name

Check out some of the consequences of having a dirty name:

  • Difficulty getting a loan;
  • Difficulty in making any type of financing, whether for property, car or other goods;
  • Difficulty in opening a checking account or acquiring a new credit card (for those who already have an account, the bank can block the overdraft and cancel the issuance of new checkbooks).

Your CPF status

As indicated above, the first step should be to check the status of your CPF, after that, the best way out is to try to regularize your situation as soon as possible, since the restrictions associated with the CPF include several types of blocking, such as, for example, the release of a credit card, booklets and even loans from Banking Institutions.

This blocking, in this case, happens because each and every institution checks the CPF of the citizens to know whether or not they are good payers, and it is based on this information that credits are released or not.

However, even worse cases can happen, where credit ends up being released, however, the tendency is for interest to be higher and higher due to the risk of delay and even the lack of payment. With that in mind, then, it is always best to seek a good negotiation of values ​​with the company.

In the case of an attempt at a good negotiation of values ​​with the company, the citizen with the dirty name must present all the ways he can pay the debt and, if accepted, this becomes the best way for the citizen to resolve the pending issue and , thus, having your CPF released.

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